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Mom Versus Wasp

Can wasps even see with their creepy eyes? That might seem like a weird question, but I have such a vivid memory of staring down a wasp that I’m going to say, yes, they can. Wasps can see us with…

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Playdough Parenting

“There’s a sign-up sheet on the table!” is the last thing any working parent wants to hear during back-to-school night at a preschool. If I’m completely honest, I remember being skeptical of it being called back-to-school night in the first…

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6 Mom Truths About Summer Camps

Dear parents who might be thinking about camps and activities for your children this summer – please, take a deep breath. I mean this in the kindest and most sympathetic way possible. Everything will be okay. You see, every year…

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Help Your Kids Not Vape

How can someone so smart be so damn stupid?”   My mother hugged me tightly and didn’t let go. When the hug lingered longer than usual, I knew she had picked up the smell of cigarettes in my hair.  I had…

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Taste of Christmas

It was my first cookie swap, and I was ready to wow friends and co-workers with my culinary skills and creativity. Of course, I would bake my mother’s semi-famous, wholly delicious pineapple cookies. Of course, this would be a fantastic…

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8 Things I’m Grateful for and Why

It’s that time of year again, the season of giving thanks. You might be making a mental inventory of blessings, jotting down ideas for Facebook statuses, or lining up pictures for Instagram posts that proclaim unceasing gratitude in the most…

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Homebody Summers

With five minutes left before the big switch from the art room to the music room, my fellow Vacation Bible School volunteer had a circle of adorable 5-year-olds to entertain, mine included.  “Let’s tell everyone where we’re going on vacation…

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