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Bully for You

It was my 6-year-old who set me straight on twenty-first century bullying. “Mommy, please don’t pack raisins in my lunch anymore,” she said flatly. “Nobody likes raisins and I shouldn’t eat them.” “But you like raisins. A lot,” I said.…

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Just Winging It

  “Funny how you’re the editor of this great parenting magazine and you’re really just winging it.” That’s what one of my daughters told me a few years back. I don’t remember the exact context. It might have been right…

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Our Last Camping Trip

Whether or not it was part of an effort to process the trauma, our youngest daughter, Lindsey, drew an absolutely stunning picture of the ostrich that attacked her mother. On our last family camping adventure, the highly anticipated day trip…

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Freewheeling Pride

We rode our bikes to the library that spring morning and a dad with his son took notice. “Wow! How long have you been riding, little lady?” he asked. The question was directed to my first-grader and I bit my…

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Connect Three

Because I have the privilege of filling this incredible space every month, I keep a running list of topics and themes that might work here. When ideas come, I save them in my Ed Voice file. For the past month,…

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Storied Books

A movie can leave a mark, that’s for sure. It can affect you profoundly, make you laugh, cry, or in the worst possible circumstance, leave you thinking, Welp! That’s fifty bucks and two hours I’ll never, ever get back. Okay,…

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See Pop Shop

    My sister married her high school sweetheart. My cousin found the love of his life in sixth-grade English class. Not so for me. By the time I met and married the man who would, as they say, complete…

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How Not to Act

“But I only eat yellow cheese,” the little friend at the kitchen table told my 6-year-old daughter. Moments earlier, I had placed a slice of marbled cheddarella (that yummy combo of cheddar and mozzarella) along with four round crackers on…

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Christmas In Cahoots

  Too much work and not enough downtime had left me feeling all used up. It had been unseasonably warm – one of those it-doesn’t-even-feel- like-Christmas years. Factor in an ongoing battle with strep that December, and you’ll understand how…

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About Thanksgiving

  Every year at this time, I set out to write about Thanksgiving. Truly America’s holiday – unless you’re from Canada, in which case, change that to North America and we’re good to go – the celebration was proclaimed a…

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