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An Unexpected Treat

Halloween is the ultimate kids-will-be-kids holiday. It offers no social redemption, except perhaps the remote possibility of teaching your child how to say thank you – like she means it – before she bolts down the steps and across the…

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Not long after I retroactively named my daughter after TV broadcaster, cancer survivor, and all-around inspiration Robin Roberts, the whole world seemed to grow obsessed with names. Okay, mostly because England’s little prince was in need of one. I’ve never…

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Aloha Summer

I could almost feel the cold, hard stare on the back of my head. I did not glance up into the rearview mirror. Doing so would not turn back time. The question could not be un-asked. School had just let…

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All Together Now

When my dad turned seventy-five, there was quite a party. We were all together: my four older sisters, my brother, and me, various and sundry spouses, the majority of his seventeen grandkids and four great grandchildren, family friends and neighbors,…

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Their Two Dads

  There was no more fun to be had. Not for us anyway. The Dippin’ Dots buzz that had sustained us for the last hour had officially melted away. Attention guests. The park is now closed. Please proceed to the…

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Hallowed Playground

  I just ordered our third wraparound safety net for the trampoline. Last week, I picked up our fourth fade-resistant, no-mold, never break market umbrella at Lowe’s. If it were in the budget, and if anyone could swear to me…

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Lawn Girl

    The little girl on my front porch steps stood about a hair bow taller than the wrought iron rail. She circled both hands around her mouth, forming the smallest of megaphones. The roar of the motor drowned out…

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Truth Fairy

She had been wiggling that tooth for at least a week. First with her tongue. Then with her finger, despite our repeated reminders to keep her hands away from her mouth. As is usually the case, it was the first…

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Drive Time

It happened on the way to Water Country. My hands were clammy on the steering wheel. I could feel my heart thumping in my ears. A set of deep-breathing exercises did nothing to calm my anxiety as I signaled to…

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The Insiders

Every parent of all girls or all boys has all kinds of ideas about why that particular arrangement is preferable to another. That’s just what we do. As the mother of three daughters, or a girl-maker as I have referred…

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