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How Christmas Works

Christmas is a lot of work. This is news to absolutely no one. Especially moms out there reading. And single parents. And dads who split holiday-making and child-rearing duties fifty-fifty with their partners. (Which means it’s only half as much…

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Into the Box this Christmas

How did that whole baby-proofing story play out at your house? This can be quite a thing for parents, especially if one of them reads way too much and the other has access to entirely too many tools. Sound like…

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Duly Noted

  Some of the most smile-inducing parenting memories I can conjure up involve meeting my kids in an elementary school cafeteria for lunch. There’s something about elementary school that announces to us parents, You are welcome here! Yes, most teachers…

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Under the Same Sky

At a back-to-school night what seems like eons ago, my oldest daughter’s science teacher explained his trademark assignment. Every nine weeks, the fifth-grade students would be required to read a magazine article, something science-related and timely, to help them see…

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Just Winging It

  “Funny how you’re the editor of this great parenting magazine and you’re really just winging it.” That’s what one of my daughters told me a few years back. I don’t remember the exact context. It might have been right…

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Our Last Camping Trip

Whether or not it was part of an effort to process the trauma, our youngest daughter, Lindsey, drew an absolutely stunning picture of the ostrich that attacked her mother. On our last family camping adventure, the highly anticipated day trip…

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Freewheeling Pride

We rode our bikes to the library that spring morning and a dad with his son took notice. “Wow! How long have you been riding, little lady?” he asked. The question was directed to my first-grader and I bit my…

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Connect Three

Because I have the privilege of filling this incredible space every month, I keep a running list of topics and themes that might work here. When ideas come, I save them in my Ed Voice file. For the past month,…

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