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Rooted in Tradition

It was eighteen years ago in early autumn when my husband and I took our dog, Rosco, and our two-day-old marriage camping. Over the years, I've learned that most couples cannot begin to fathom why we would have thought a…

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Not-So-Special Delivery

What is the point exactly? That's what I want to know. It's the question I ask, silently, every time I hear a mother chronicling every last detail of her agonizing labor and delivery story to a wide-eyed woman with a…

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An “F” for Mommy

  Something happened to my kids on the way to school. At home, they had a certain propensity for sassiness. Okay, so they weren't miscreants by any means, but with us anyway, they definitely spoke their minds. And I encouraged…

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Dreams Come True

    We were done. As in, we had decided on two kids, and I knew we were done. Yet, there I was, pregnant as all get-out, swollen with impending motherhood – smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. In…

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Ode to a Rookie Dad

  My mother will turn eighty this summer and whenever we're together, I try to tell stories about what it was like growing up. It's good for my mom and it's important for the girls to hear that it was alternately tough…

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Mom and the Trying Times

Working from home, I’ve always appreciated peace and quiet. But there’s one squabble I never minded hearing. In fact, I actually made a point of tuning in to this argument, because I knew the day would come when it would…

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Smoke and Mothers

Today I am a non-smoker. I will think like a non-smoker, act like a non-smoker, and breathe like a non-smoker. I will chase thoughts of smoking out of my head. I am smart, creative, and hard-working. I am stronger than…

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Happy Birthdays

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment I decided our first grand-scale birthday party would be our last. It may have been when my four-year-old daughter, standing in front of a mountain of largesse taller than she was, opened her…

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Coupons Welcome

  Does your body make you groan? I chuckle every time I read this phrase, artfully written in blue marker across the top of a little piece of paper still on my night table. It’s a coupon from my youngest…

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Hot Bottom Topic

From the growing up file, I have two vivid memories of corporal punishment on the home front. Not to bore you with details, but there was a smack! from my mother and a swat! from my dad. Both were delivered…

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