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The Markets Made Simple

We want our kids to be financially literate, but it can be hard when adults can’t quite find the right words to explain some financial topics. Let’s face it, the industry is somewhat known for its abbreviations (IRA, HSA, TUWs)…

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Moving in Together?

If you’re in a committed relationship, deciding to move in together can be a very exciting time. But aside from the joy of taking a big step in your relationship, living together can also bring new challenges, many of them…

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Family Finances with Your Kids

According to an article I saw on NerdWallet, a website devoted to personal finance decisions,  people would rather talk about topics like death, religion, sex, or politics – instead of money. The problem is, most of us are so uncomfortable…

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What Is a Health Savings Account?

More and more employers are offering health savings accounts (HSAs) as part of their employee benefits package. This savings account allows you to set aside money to pay for qualified medical expenses incurred during the year income tax-free. The Upside…

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Winter is Coming

The average American family owes $8,377 in credit card debt according to a May 2017 article from CNBC’s MarketWatch. While a third of borrowers pay off their credit card bills in full each month, two-thirds of borrowers are carrying some…

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If a Budget Freaks You Out

Few words strike fear in the hearts of my clients like the question, “Do you have a budget?” The irony of this is that the stress induced by poorly managed spending literally keeps people up at night. So how can…

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Is My Advisor a Fiduciary?

Listen, there is an “F” word you really need to know. In fact, you might have heard this “F” word in the news before, and thought, That sounds like something only old people care about. I mean, seniors. (Sorry, Mema!)…

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That Whole Money Thing!

Is preschool too young to start talking to your children about money? It depends. Most 3-year-olds should be ready to start learning simple vocabulary and basic economic lessons, like If you want to buy something, you have to pay for…

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