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Is My Advisor a Fiduciary?

Listen, there is an “F” word you really need to know. In fact, you might have heard this “F” word in the news before, and thought, That sounds like something only old people care about. I mean, seniors. (Sorry, Mema!)…

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That Whole Money Thing!

Is preschool too young to start talking to your children about money? It depends. Most 3-year-olds should be ready to start learning simple vocabulary and basic economic lessons, like If you want to buy something, you have to pay for…

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14 Tax Tips to Consider

Just when you start to recover from the holiday season, another wonderful season comes along! The difference is, no one loves tax season or doing their taxes. Well, except for me! Fortunately, there are a lot of deductible items out…

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Year-End Financial Path

The holidays go by quickly for most people. This time of year can be a blur of gatherings, gift-buying, cooking, and general hustle and bustle. Then, soon after, December is a wrap. Where did the year go? Many of us…

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What to Make of Holiday Spending

There’s a lot to appreciate in fall, like the return of school days and cooler weather. Families love the traditions of fall, many of us revel in football season, and fall can also be called the season of giving. Fall…

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About Closing Costs

When you think of closing costs, you might get a glimpse of the light at the end of the home-buying process tunnel. You’re just one step away from being a homeowner! It’s an exciting time, but closing costs can be…

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Guide to Good Credit

To some, a credit score might seem like an arbitrary number we’re given. But it’s really data representing your credit responsibility and future financial wellbeing. Credit scores determine what steps you can take in life to own the things you…

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Is It Mortgage Time?

For many people, making the decision to buy a home is exciting and means starting a new chapter in life. But preparing to take on a mortgage requires thought, preparation, and the right people around you to help the process…

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Tax Tips to Consider

No one ever said raising a family would be a piece of cake – or affordable. Annually, the prices of little things like diapers and baby food go up. The big things, like childcare and education, are on the rise,…

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Estate Planning Basics

Last month, I discussed the legal documents necessary for a solid estate plan. This time, the focus is on the equally, if not more important side of the coin: making sure one’s financial assets are titled properly. The inherent need…

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