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Your IRA, On a Roll

There’s so much to consider when changing jobs, including the potential impact on one’s retirement assets. A job transition provides the opportunity to not only evaluate, but perhaps gain control over company-sponsored retirement plans. Why choose a rollover? Employers typically…

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Your Child’s Future

When you have children, it’s like God flips a switch. You may go from living in the moment to wanting to make future plans – including financial plans for your children. Where do you start? With a college fund, or…

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Financial Risks

Risk is everywhere, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. With financial risks, some are obvious, others are hidden. The big question is, which financial risks should you avoid, insure, or assume? Inflation, interest rate, market volatility, and…

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Women’s Financial Fears

Many of the women we read about and admire are those who have conquered personal fears. By first facing, then boldly overcoming their fears, they were able to take their service, passion, and philanthropy to new heights. Apprehension continues to…

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The Inevitable

February is the month of romance – a time when we reflect on those who make our lives sweeter just by being there. Words that are seldom spoken may be written in cards or communicated through gifts. However, as a…

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Financial Kick-Starts

Resolution season is in full bloom, but unfortunately very few end up being successful. So instead of making half-hearted resolutions for your family’s finances, why not start with a simple tip and see if it works? If successful, you’ll have…

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Disability Insurance?

There are endless types of insurance available in the marketplace, so how do you know which you should own? As a general rule, the public should own insurance that protects against catastrophic loss. Life, long-term care, and disability insurance should…

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Insuring Your Teen Driver

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), teen drivers are the highest risk demographic on the road.Their inexperience means there’s a greater chance that they will be involved in a traffic accident, which means much higher…

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The Parent Talk

Now in my mid-forties, I’m noticing creases on my face. What earlier were slight hints of a life filled with laughter are now full-blown lines. I’m aging, and I really don't want to talk about it! But all of us…

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