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Financing College

There's no magic formula to secure funds for your children's college education, so be proactive, start early, and explore all the opportunities. Typical funding options are loans, savings plans, and scholarships. Countless loans are available, including both federal and private…

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The Greatest Love Letter Ever Written

What in the world am I going to do now? It's one of the first questions asked when a recently widowed spouse is referred to my practice. Cash flow analysis shows that once the fog clears, hard decisions are necessary…

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Team Of Two

We all know a good marriage takes work. It’s also based on realistic expectations. The same principles apply to finances. Though it takes some effort, a couple’s expectations and communication skills usually need some adjusting after they say, “I do!”…

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Saving for the Golden Years

Financial pressures loom like storm clouds over young parents: job insecurity, reduced home values, rising costs associated with education and college tuitions for our children, and more. These issues not only occupy our thoughts; they tend to max out our…

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Save Yourself

Quite often in my practice I save people - from themselves. Because information is readily available, consumers are enticed by today's highest rated stocks, best venture capital deals, and newest no-risk opportunities with guaranteed ten percent returns. We also hear…

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Your Financial Buckets

So many changes have occurred in the last decade in response to our country's economic circumstances - some good and some bad - making it difficult for consumers to know what to do. Various financial products and phrases that I've…

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Teens and Money

Advising a teenager is an art that few have mastered - especially when it comes to money management. During our children's teen years, we basically are trying to keep the bumpers on, letting them have minor crashes while we help…

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College Prep 101

One hundred one things to ponder - and get done! As college approaches, parents are overwhelmed with a plethora of to-dos, as well as jaw-dropping costs. What's the best way to pay? Should we look into a loan? Should my…

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Kids & Money

Allowance is often defined as a share or portion allotted or granted.Interestingly, the next definition you see is an imposed handicap. Funny how these two meanings interact, because giving your child an allowance purely as a function of the first…

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Retirement Planning

In life there are few things that remain the same. My daughter probably gets tired of me reminding her that how she feels at this moment is only temporary, it will pass and things will change. Often my clients need…

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