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Essential Leader Danny Avula

During a pandemic or a public health crisis, families look to healthcare experts and scientists for guidance. Leaders rise up because of their courage, intelligence, and calm demeanor. Leaders like Danny Avula, the Richmond and Henrico Health Department director. Since…

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Back to the Beach with Melissa Chase!

It was a gorgeous sunny day for families at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Last July, Melissa Chase and her two daughters, London and Ruby, ten and seven at the time, were playing in the ocean when Melissa felt something rubbery…

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Nurturing Seeds of Recovery

By October of 2017, body image issues, dieting, and anxiety collided with the trauma of a sexual assault to create a perfect storm for Emma Manis. That’s when Emma, at age twenty-two, was diagnosed with anorexia, body dysmorphia (an obsessive…

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More Than a Media Company

VPM – the largest media organization in Central Virginia – is a lot like other media outlets. Its content is found on television, radio, and digital platforms. It has a trained news team that reports on state and local government,…

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Crisis Prep, School, and Kids

I have to admit, I’m one of those parents who hugs her child a little tighter before school every morning. My daughter is in second grade and the thought of the Newtown and Parkland shootings, among others, is always somewhere…

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Ultimate Family Cruise Guide

I keep my own neurosis close to heart (no exposure therapy for me, thanks), but cruising the Big Blue isn’t one of them. Sailing on a beautiful ship is such bliss for me that I envy the oldsters who spend…

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Channeling Grief Into Action

It only took a moment for Anne Moss Rogers’ life to change direction; only seconds for her to move from years of fear and dread to a life committed to service and education. That moment, when she learned her younger…

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