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Drawing on Experience!

Father, husband, social media creator, and ultimate Philly sports fan Doug Orleski has created a distinctive voice for himself as Richmond’s resident illustrator during the past ten years. His art has run the gamut from humorous cartoons in the print…

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Redefining the Green Yard!

When NBC12 meteorologist Andrew Freiden and his wife purchased their home in Henrico, they ripped out a large, semi-circular driveway in front of the house. While removing such a convenient aspect of the property might seem surprising, it’s actually one…

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Art History Comes Alive!

As I walked through the galleries of the Denver Art Museum last November, taking in the exhibition Whistler to Cassatt: American Painters in France, two thoughts crossed my mind: what a wonderful exhibition for families, and how lucky Richmond is…

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It’s Gym Life for All!

Shy and not too sure about learning new activities, four-year-old William needed the support of his mom Kristy when he first started classes at River City Inclusive Gymnastics (RCIG).  William was born with cerebral palsy which impacts his motor planning…

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When Healing Runs in the Family!

“I’ll never be a teacher!” I proclaimed as a high school senior. “My mom teaches.” My attitude was rebellious and my spirit defiant. I majored in psychology as an undergraduate and ignored my calling, according to my college English professor.…

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They’re Blood Brothers

LaToya Cypress and her husband Brett keep a bag packed in case they have to rush to the emergency room with one of their twin sons. “We are pretty much in a ready-to-go situation,” says Brett. “It’s like a new…

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