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Making It Work

“The second quarantine was harder than the first.” As resident care director at Spring Arbor of Salisbury, an assisted living facility in Midlothian, Maria Colon, LPN, knows about medical protocols and how to prevent illness from spreading. On March 6,…

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It’s Go Time!

Kevin Tobin doesn’t need an alarm clock to get him out of bed most mornings. He says the sun and his drive take care of that for him. “There are things I want to do, need to do, and am…

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Medicine for the Soul

Even though 2020 is in the rear-view mirror, COVID-19 is not. The pandemic rages on. It has changed the world and the way we live, and while people have been affected differently, there’s one side effect most everyone has experienced:…

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Online Publishing Champions of RVA

Since the advent of the Internet, websites and blogs have proliferated, and content creation has become increasingly accessible. A growing number of tools makes it easy to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with audiences around the world. The benefit? Everyone…

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Meet Warrior Princess Maya!

When Gislane Lima mentioned her infant daughter Maya wasn’t rolling over like other babies her age, the West End mom could sense something was wrong by the expression on her pediatrician’s face. “The doctor had tears in her eyes,” Gislane…

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She’s One Tough Mother!

Parenting six children in 2020 (or any year, to be honest!) would send many of us scrambling for the nearest exit door. Troy Michel, however, has taken it all in stride. She and her husband Dave, parents to a crew…

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The Art of the TV Talent Show

Executive producers of America’s Got Talent are used to dealing with death-defying acts. But a pandemic? Not so much.  This season has been anything but ordinary for the television industry. But America’s Got Talent is one show that has worked…

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Discipline Kids Appreciate!

Twice a week, our daughter dons her white gi – the classic loose-fitting pants and jacket – and heads to taekwondo class to practice her kicking, breaking, and form as she works toward her third-degree black belt. That’s right. She’s…

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Learning During a Pandemic

Lauren Boothe of Chesterfield is a cellist and a junior at the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology in Petersburg. When area schools initially transitioned to online learning in March, Lauren and many of her classmates felt…

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