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RVA Families Love Baseball!

Whitman’s speculation below, misquoted (just a bit) by a character in the 1988 movie Bull Durham, speaks to the peculiar American-ness of baseball. It’s a game that traces its origins to England, but became wholly ours in the nineteenth century.…

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Big Kids DO Cry … and That’s Okay!

Last spring, my son played coach-pitch baseball for our county’s recreational team. The boys, mostly 8- and 9-year-olds, were hard workers and frequent criers. Some burst into tears after a strikeout or when the opposing team scored a run. Others…

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The Joys of Hoda!

A special item stands out among the work-related papers on Hoda Kotb’s desk at NBC – a Virginia Tech onesie. The co-host of NBC TODAY is not only the proud mom of toddler Haley Joy and newly adopted infant Hope…

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Park More. Worry Less.

My family has been enjoying one of Virginia’s gorgeous parks  for years – hiking the trails of York River State Park and canoeing its river. When my children were young, they attended summer camps there to study native plants and…

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Music and Family Life!

Whether it’s rock-and-roll, hip-hop, country, or classical, everyone has their favorite tastes in music, with certain songs evoking memories of special times with family and friends. A shared appreciation for music can create a lasting bond for moms and dads…

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RVA Teens and Earning Power

From babysitting to bagging groceries and beyond, Richmond is chock-full of opportunities for teenagers to get their feet wet with a first-time job. Some teens choose to enter the workforce to earn extra spending money, save for a big-ticket purchase,…

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Visit Virginia’s Endangered Island

In 2015, National Geographic magazine identified Tangier Island, Virginia, as one of its twenty must-see places in the world. The tiny island shared the list with exotic destinations, such as Okavango Delta in Botswana and Eastern Bhutan in the Himalayas.…

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Lola’s Song: Heartbreak to Healing

Ten years ago, Cathy Motley-Fitch gave birth to premature twins – a son, Grayson, and daughter, Lola. Both babies were tiny, but healthy. But just over a week later, Cathy stood in the neonatal intensive care unit holding her daughter…

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