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Education Success Story

Mondays at Greenwood Elementary School in Glen Allen are special celebrations for children and staff. Every Monday morning, the moment students step off the bus or get out of a carpool vehicle, they are greeted with lively music and entertainment…

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The Thing About Grades

At the start of the summer, my 8-year-old came to me with a concern. “When do I get my report card?” he asked. “I’m not sure, Buddy. Sometimes the school mails the final report card in June.” “Aww, man! I…

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Unapologetically Nikki-Dee!

Weather can be unpredictable, but so can motherhood. No one knows that better than meteorologist and mom of two Nikki-Dee Ray, who forecasts the weather on CBS 6 This Morning, Virginia This Morning, and CBS 6 News at Noon. Being…

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Kidding Around in Nashville

Loretta sang me through my first chaotic year with twins; Hank Jr. helped me see that other peoples’ families could be goofy, too; and Carrie convinced everyone that slashing a boyfriend’s tires is a legitimate response, given the proper circumstances. …

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Heads-Up On Concussions

Freshman year of high school can be challenging for anyone, particularly when the student is enrolled at one of Chesterfield County Public Schools’ rigorous specialty centers.  For Sydney Dudley, the typical struggles were compounded by the five concussions she had…

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RVA Families Love Baseball!

Whitman’s speculation below, misquoted (just a bit) by a character in the 1988 movie Bull Durham, speaks to the peculiar American-ness of baseball. It’s a game that traces its origins to England, but became wholly ours in the nineteenth century.…

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Big Kids DO Cry … and That’s Okay!

Last spring, my son played coach-pitch baseball for our county’s recreational team. The boys, mostly 8- and 9-year-olds, were hard workers and frequent criers. Some burst into tears after a strikeout or when the opposing team scored a run. Others…

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The Joys of Hoda!

A special item stands out among the work-related papers on Hoda Kotb’s desk at NBC – a Virginia Tech onesie. The co-host of NBC TODAY is not only the proud mom of toddler Haley Joy and newly adopted infant Hope…

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