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Get a Job!

As the school year winds down, teens are dreaming of trips to Virginia Beach, King’s Dominion, and the mall, while parents are looking at educational road trips, memorable family vacations, and community service projects to fill in the schedule. “I…

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Game Time!

Gillian Smith is pretty busy – for a 6-year-old. In a normal week, she has golf lessons on Tuesday afternoon, soccer practice on Wednesday, Irish dancing lessons on Friday, soccer games on Saturday, and horseback riding on Sunday. Not to…

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Mike Burke On Balancing

Fans call Richmond Kicker Mike Burke, who has played in 250 plus soccer games, garnered numerous MVP honors, and holds the team’s all-time assist title, a “skilled playmaker” and “exciting to watch.” His brothers refer to him as a “manny.”…

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Beach Bound

Norfolk celebrates all things related to the power of the sea. Here, your family can climb aboard a decommissioned battleship, visit a fantastic maritime museum and take any of four local cruise, ferry and water taxi trips sure to satisfy…

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Going Gluten-Free

If you saw a woman standing in the grocery store about five years ago, squinting at labels and muttering to herself, that may have been Midlothian mom Laura Duke. “I was reading the labels and going, ‘Are you kidding me?…

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Fit Kids

Chubby cheeks. Pudgy legs. Buddha bellies. Parents of newborns often brag about their child’s height and weight percentiles after a visit to their pediatrician. How big and strong he’ll be! But what happens when big numbers on the scale no…

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Building a Global Family

When Patricia Moody adopted Ben from Guatemala in 2005, she had every intention of one day giving her son a little brother or sister. But today, Moody doesn’t see how that will be possible. “It has become much more difficult to adopt…

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Got Wheels?

Most mornings, Peter Fraser packs up his laptop and paperwork to commute to his offices at Fraser Design, about 10 miles away. He also grabs a water bottle and spare shoes. Then Fraser dons cycling cleats to cover the distance…

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Happy Campers

You’ve avoided it all your life – those invitations to go out into the wild woods to camp under the stars. But now something’s different. Your kids have convinced you to succumb to your inner survivor. You think you want to…

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No-Fear Parenting

I was four years old when I was kidnapped. If anyone should be a paranoid parent, it should be me. But living through a traumatic ordeal has made striving for normalcy in my daughter's lives that much more important. I…

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