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5 Ski Resorts You’ll Love!

The Winter Olympics are upon us and with them come the amazing feats of alpine skiers, cross-country competitors, and snowboarders. This month, capture a bit of Olympic fever and take your family skiing to experience some of the thrills and…

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Keeping Babies Safe

Like every mother, Kyra Oliver of Richmond loves to recall the early days of parenthood. She vividly remembers the days spent bonding with her infant son. “Hayes was a very contented baby,” she says. “He loved to laugh, and he…

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Kids and Media Culture

As a girl, my introduction to sex came from Judy Blume’s books. A friend of mine says she remembers sharing an old tattered copy of Forever with all the steamy parts highlighted and earmarked. It felt like the book had…

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Tales of Holiday Parenting

What makes the holiday season so special? Stories you never forget, time spent together, and family traditions. Here, parents share some of their most cherished holiday moments. Looking back at the fondest of holiday memories, I barely remember the gifts. I…

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Virtual Space Adventures

When school’s out for the holidays remember “one giant leap for mankind”– the lunar landing of 1969 and take your family on a virtual space flight adventure that’s closer to home than you imagine. Here in Virginia, you can come…

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Holiday Traditions

It’s over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…or not. Traveling with kids in tow can be tricky any time of the year, but over Thanksgiving the stakes are even higher. Let’s face it, travel time and…

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Inside-Out Coaching

The late summer heat is brutal – scorching practice fields throughout Central Virginia, and leaving the most intense football players weakened, sweatdrenched, and exhausted. L.C. Bird Head Coach David Bedwell says some are more prepared for the rigors of training…

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An Infinite Ripple

Working hard as a nurse, I understand the call of a holiday. Last year my family and I skimmed steep water slides, walked white sand beaches, and sipped piña coladas by the pool at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. It…

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Teachers Wanted

Husband and wife Wylie and Katie Schwieder made a life-changing decision when they chose to become teachers. Both had spent their lives working in the business world.“We viewed our life as being in chapters,” explains Wylie. “We had been talking…

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Stranger Alert

While the holiday season is an exciting time for children, it may also be a time of anxiety and uncertainty for them. Interacting with unfamiliar people during shopping excursions, visits to Santa Claus, or trips to see their great Aunt…

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