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Standing Tall, Speaking Up!

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Farbstein has an old soul. It’s not surprising, then, that while many of his peers are in their first year of college, Farbstein is managing a highly successful career, traveling to a handful of cities each month to…

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Travel in the Sweet Spot!

Incredible news! Those adorable cherubs who never slept? Well, they’ve ditched their diapers and sippy cups for undies and CamelBak bottles. So whether you’re planning a spring break trip (that’s April 1 to April 5 in Richmond), a summer vacation,…

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Hospital Without Walls

Moms Beatriz and Marleny have more in common than just their Guatemalan heritage. They share a new sense of hope for their children’s health. That’s something they didn’t have before learning about Richmond-based World Pediatric Project (WPP), a nonprofit organization…

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Healthy New Year!

Before takeoff, flight attendants remind passengers that oxygen masks will appear before them in the event of decompression. They tell us if we are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, we should secure our oxygen masks first…

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Glass Half Full! Down Syndrome

Marybeth and Charles Meacham have three children: sons who are in their forties and a daughter who is thirty-eight. Their daughter Anne attended college and now works as a textile hanger with Goodwill Industries in Richmond – she inspects donated…

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Oh, Baby! Family Travel

Today’s parents rarely see eye-to-eye, except on this: We agree that our own children are ridiculously wonderful! And yet. Blend kids – and babies, especially – with travel? Yeah, that often feels just plain ridiculous. If you’re the parent who’s been…

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The Familiar Face of Teen Acne

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the zittiest of them all? Sad to say, but nearly every teenager meets a moment when the answer to that question seems painfully clear: It’s me. But even if the scourge of teenage acne…

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Celebrating Gingerbread Season!

When my family lived in Ohio a few years back, we visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden every year at Christmas to see the gingerbread houses. Over time, that became my favorite holiday tradition. The artistry amazed me, and we had…

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