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A Very Disney Christmas

No disrespect to the other holidays, but Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love it all, from the sparkling lights to Christmas trees adorned in tinsel and decorations. But what I love the best is the spirit of…

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The Caregiver’s Guide for Families

Tina Burton says that for most of her life, her dad’s happy place was “outside, framing houses in the sun.” A lifelong carpenter, he started working with his own father when he was a boy of ten. “His whole identity…

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Family Leave is a Win-Win

Six years ago, as they anticipated the birth of their first child, Kelley and her husband did more than just furnish the nursery – they got serious about saving. Even though Kelley had a good job in the government sector…

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Starting a School from Scratch!

When LeBron James opened the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, at the start of this school year, the optimism was off the charts. Here in Richmond, Johnny Harris can relate to the euphoria of starting a school from scratch, even though he…

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Let’s Talk Teachers!

Lynn Reed and her daughter Hana Reed Voight share more than just a family tie. They share a passion for learning. That’s why each ultimately chose teaching as a career. Keeping it in the family, they both teach at Maggie…

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Be a Better Homework Helper

Few words conjure up as many feelings of dread and doom as the word homework does for school-aged children. Many view homework as a daunting task that keeps them from playing outside, hanging out with friends, or watching Netflix. Tales…

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Meet Elijah! Voice for Justice

Not many 14-year-olds have given speeches across the country for national audiences. Not many teens have had conversations with prominent leaders like Former President Barack Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton. Or created a company that inspires young people to dream…

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Grow Your Own Business in Virginia!

Starting your own business takes resilience, creativity, and hard work – especially when your business is all about working the land! What can make it or break it is a firm commitment to the concept, labor that’s free (at first),…

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Meet Media Queen Mom Sarah Bloom

As morning co-anchor for NBC12, Sarah Bloom is used to getting up hours before the sun peeks over the horizon. She’s usually at work around three-thirty in the morning. But right now, it’s not her job at the station that…

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