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Let’s Talk Teachers!

Lynn Reed and her daughter Hana Reed Voight share more than just a family tie. They share a passion for learning. That’s why each ultimately chose teaching as a career. Keeping it in the family, they both teach at Maggie…

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Be a Better Homework Helper

Few words conjure up as many feelings of dread and doom as the word homework does for school-aged children. Many view homework as a daunting task that keeps them from playing outside, hanging out with friends, or watching Netflix. Tales…

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Meet Elijah! Voice for Justice

Not many 14-year-olds have given speeches across the country for national audiences. Not many teens have had conversations with prominent leaders like Former President Barack Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton. Or created a company that inspires young people to dream…

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Grow Your Own Business in Virginia!

Starting your own business takes resilience, creativity, and hard work – especially when your business is all about working the land! What can make it or break it is a firm commitment to the concept, labor that’s free (at first),…

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Meet Media Queen Mom Sarah Bloom

As morning co-anchor for NBC12, Sarah Bloom is used to getting up hours before the sun peeks over the horizon. She’s usually at work around three-thirty in the morning. But right now, it’s not her job at the station that…

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A Day in Old Towne Petersburg

As a true South of the James girl (shout-out to Chester!), I have long appreciated the history that Petersburg – just a short drive down I-95 from Richmond – has to offer. Known for its pivotal Civil War battles, visiting…

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Meet Rayvon Owen! Native Son and Music Man

Rayvon Owen bounds into the green room backstage at Altria Theatre during rehearsals for SPARC’s Live Art: Love show, held earlier this summer. Grammy award-winning artist Jason Mraz and the show’s choreographer get swept up in the whirlwind and ask…

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Passions and Possibilities for Kids

Brendan Easter of Midlothian was about seven years old when he discovered the world of speedcubing and eight when he got bit by the theatre arts bug. The two passions collided when Brendan brought his cubes to a CharacterWorks play…

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Best of RVA! Staycation Adventures

Funny story. Not funny ha-ha, funny stupid. For years, I lived about fifty minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. I walked the wide, inviting paths overlooking the sparkling San Francisco Bay twice. I toured Alcatraz once. I might have ridden…

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