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Meet Elsa the Therapy Dog

Goldendoodle Elsa is a rock star at VCU Medical Center, even though there’s no red carpet underneath her paws. The calm-natured, 55-pound sandy blonde fluffball strolls alongside her handler, Margaret Popik, down the halls of the pediatric inpatient unit at…

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Try Out an Underdog City!

Over the years, Cleveland, Ohio, has become an underdog city, and that’s putting it politely. With the burning river, brutal winters, and often-frustrating sports teams, the city has been burdened with the harsh nickname Mistake on the Lake. You know…

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Jazz to the World! Meet Charles Overton

Virtuoso Charles Overton didn’t find the harp. It found him. It’s such a warm instrument. You can feel the vibrations as you play. They reverberate through you,” says the talented 23-year-old, explaining his interest in the harp. “It’s one of…

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How to Stress Less as a Family

Have you ever seen that parenting meme with Gandalf from Lord of the Rings staring stoically and bravely off into the distance? Beneath him are the words: “When you hear your kids wake up in the morning … so it…

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Welcome to Kid City!

Full disclosure: I am not wild about theme parks. That said, I adore LEGOLAND Florida. If your kids are under twelve and are LEGO-fanatics, they’ll also fall in love with a park that’s dedicated to their age group and their…

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What Cheering Up Looks Like!

The eager glint in their eyes and enthusiastic smiles are what you first notice when the River City Stars bound onto the stage. Dressed in navy, silver, and Carolina blue uniforms with their hair-bows bobbing, the squad members tumble, dance,…

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Safety Tips for Family Travel!

I’ve logged many a rocky road in flip-flops. To date, I’ve survived ten years traveling with two exasperating eaters to research and write 100-plus family travel articles, and ultimately savor – yes, savor! – one back surgery (my one solo…

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Our Kind of Sports Town!

Most mornings, before the sun even comes up, 15-year-old Atesh Camurdan wakes up and heads out the door to the pool at NOVA of Virginia, an aquatics facility in western Henrico County. Why? “There’s a sense of community among swimmers…

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