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What Cheering Up Looks Like!

The eager glint in their eyes and enthusiastic smiles are what you first notice when the River City Stars bound onto the stage. Dressed in navy, silver, and Carolina blue uniforms with their hair-bows bobbing, the squad members tumble, dance,…

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Safety Tips for Family Travel!

I’ve logged many a rocky road in flip-flops. To date, I’ve survived ten years traveling with two exasperating eaters to research and write 100-plus family travel articles, and ultimately savor – yes, savor! – one back surgery (my one solo…

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Our Kind of Sports Town!

Most mornings, before the sun even comes up, 15-year-old Atesh Camurdan wakes up and heads out the door to the pool at NOVA of Virginia, an aquatics facility in western Henrico County. Why? “There’s a sense of community among swimmers…

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Raise Kids Who Love the Earth!

What Can One Family Do? As a prelude to the fiftieth anniversary of the first Earth Day, there is an international effort to educate people about the devastating effects of plastic on the planet. Do you ever wonder about the…

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When It’s Carolina Time…

Arriving in Richmond from California one snowy January, I was thrilled when a new friend described Richmond’s springtime as “gob-smacking” in its beauty. Seriously? I couldn’t wait. And happily, she hadn’t oversold the season. Then came summer. Think I’m about…

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Film Fever Hits Richmond

At Work on the Set Ashley Fetterman didn’t get to sleep in very often over the past six months. As the makeup department head for Homeland’s Richmond production, Fetterman settled into the makeup trailer on set long before the sun…

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Everybody Loses, Everybody Wins!

While weight loss tops most New Year’s resolutions, one Richmond-area family of five is kicking off 2018 with an incredible head start: They’ve already lost a combined total of 398 pounds. “We’ve lost [the equivalent of] a whole person, as each one of us used to weigh almost that much,” says Vern Phelps,…

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