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Where the Past Comes Alive!

With pass-holder access to Historic Colonial Williamsburg, my family and I make frequent trips to one of the largest living history museums in Virginia, discovering something new about the past each time we go. Through our numerous visits, my son…

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Mathletes Leading the Way

Like her colleagues at NASA Langley, Christine Darden never thought of herself as a pioneer. She was just doing her job. But now, after Margot Lee Shetterly’s New York Times bestseller, Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story…

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Considering a Family Costume this Halloween?

Halloween might be my favorite family holiday after Christmas. What brings a family together more than terror and sweets? Nothing! Halloween, in fact, brings our entire neighborhood together. The holiday teaches us which neighbors are the best (full candy bars)…

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What’s Next in Learning?

I remember my first day of middle school. Though I’m loath to admit I can’t remember much of what I learned there, the seriously embarrassing moments stick with me. On that memorable day, I sat in the clinic in fourth…

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The Holocaust: Lessons in Humanity

  Inside the Virginia Holocaust Museum – a converted Shockoe Bottom warehouse just east of downtown Richmond – there’s a sign: First they came for the Communists – but  I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.…

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Down to Business in the City!

Maggie Lena Walker – daughter of a freed slave and an Irish American newspaperman and the first woman to open and operate a successful bank in the United States – would be proud to behold her old neighborhood, Jackson Ward,…

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Where Muggle Families Can Soar!

Her origin story is pure Cinderella, but here the heroine is waif, prince, and fairy godmother rolled into one. Her rags-to-riches ascent is well-told, but let’s revisit: Single mom – living on government assistance – rides train and conceives a…

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