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Keeping Kids Safe at Home

One-third of households with children have a gun in the home, many of which are not stored safely. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that approximately 4.6 million children in the United States are living with unlocked, loaded firearms –…

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Backyard Guide to Invasive Plants

Have you noticed nandina growing in your yard or your neighborhood? How about English ivy or Japanese honeysuckle? While beautiful to some and commonly used in residential landscaping, invasive plants like these are actually a silent danger to our local…

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6 Ways to Winter at Home

I think it’s safe to start by stating the one big wish every single one of us had on January 1 was for COVID-19 to go away.  Alas, wishes won’t make it happen, and, once again, we find ourselves having…

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The Truth About Live Christmas Trees

You know how the song goes: Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches! But how do you keep those branches looking lovely all season long?  You can start by selecting the right tree. There are around…

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From Blah to Beautiful

Painting is one of the best ways a homeowner can bring new life to a home’s interior. This is especially true for a space that might be overlooked, such as a garage, unfinished basement, or screened porch.  If you’re selling…

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Delight Your Senses!

Over the past several months, as most of us have spent more time at home, it has become more important than ever to make our homes a place of comfort and sanctuary. We families have also spent more prolonged periods…

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Overcoming Wardrobe Weariness

Parenthood is serious business! We all thought we were organized and in control before kids came along. Like many, I totally underestimated the task of managing my child’s clothing. The laundry is never-ending, stains are a daily occurrence, and sizes…

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6 Big Recycling Mistakes

What’s the big deal about contaminants in your recycling? If the item has the recycling symbol, isn’t it recyclable? Are plastic bags really a problem? What about batteries? Shredded paper? Metal caps and lids? Aluminum foil? The list of questions…

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6 Perfectly Practical Tips

I love Christmas. I always have. I love the decorating, the gift buying and the wrapping, the food, the music, the family time, the surprises, the traditions – all of it.  Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who sees the holiday…

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Gun Safety Begins at Home

The worst type of tragedy is the one that’s preventable. Every year, 1,500 children and teens in the United States will die from firearms. More than half of these deaths are homicides, about 600 are suicides, and roughly one hundred…

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