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What to Know About Mosquitoes

Sunshine, balmy nights, food, and family recreation – all things we look forward to in the summer. For many, it’s a season when things slow down a bit and worries are further away. To ensure you get the most of…

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How RVA Keeps the Lead Out

Clean, safe water is an important part of every family’s life, and something we’ve come to take for granted in our homes and throughout our community. With the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, concerned Richmonders may wonder what is being…

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Secrets of Pollinator Gardening

Creating a garden that attracts pollinators is beneficial for the ecosystem and fun for families. Plus, few things are as rewarding as watching a butterfly light on a flower or a bumblebee lumber from blossom to blossom. Pollinators require specific…

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Spring Cleaning Secrets You Haven’t Heard

There’s something about spring that creates the urge to sort, clean, organize, and purge. Some people clean often, a lot, and regularly. Some clean in one long day every month. Some clean just before they’re having guests over. Here’s an…

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Create a Reading Nook at Home

In many homes, there are books and magazines everywhere you look – on shelves, in baskets, stacked on side tables. Other families might keep their collection of books out of sight or might not have much of an at-home library.…

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Considering a Move?

If you’re remodeling your home to get more from its sale, there are things you have to keep in mind. Regardless of what anyone tells you, remodeling will help you sell your home, but the housing market in your area…

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Home Illuminati

There are easy, cost-effective things we can do to help the environment. Switching off lights when we leave a room, using smart-strips for our appliances and electronics, and washing clothes in cold water instead of hot are three simple ways…

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Organizing for Christmas

This time of year is full of anticipation and excitement – and things to do. From shopping and baking, to cleaning and decorating, the list of holiday tasks seems to grow longer each year. But after Christmas has passed and…

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Home Shopping for Smarties

Few things are more exciting than looking for a new home for your family. It’s the ultimate symbol of fresh beginnings and future possibilities. A nice new stainless steel fridge, granite countertops, and incredible walk-in closets can surely make you…

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