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Crafty Holiday Treasure

Getting the kids together for a holiday party is even more fun when a cool craft is involved. Try a make-your-own ornament or gift tag get-together to brighten a holiday afternoon. What you need: • Shaving cream • Food coloring…

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Pop-Up Holiday Greetings

It’s easy to create festive pop-up cards for friends and family this holiday season. Follow the steps and create a turkey card to share what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. BONUS: You can use the same technique to make holiday…

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Craft a Ghost Decoration

Make a ghost of your own for your room. Or, have a DIY craft party and make this fun craft with friends. What you need: • Common household items to build your ghost frame, such as tall water bottles or…

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Incredible Shrinking Art

What you need: • Plastic marked with #6 inside a small triangle made of arrows. It’s commonly used for clear clamshell containers you see in cafeterias and restaurants. •  Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper • Oven…

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Oh-So-Cool Ice Cube Painting

This two-for-one project means kids get to make their own paint set and then have fun creating original works of art. And there’s a science bonus: Learn about liquid and solid states of matter. What you need: • Ice cube…

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Do You Zoo?

  Here’s a fun collaborative project for families with kids of different ages and abilities. Brainstorm on different animals and zoo components, then create a play set out of materials found around the house and in the recycling bin. Visit…

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Love You to Pieces!

Cold and snowy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and get busy on making bright, colorful Valentines for friends and family. These beautiful broken hearts will be everyone’s favorite! What you need: • Paper: a heavier cardstock for…

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