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Love You to Pieces!

Cold and snowy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and get busy on making bright, colorful Valentines for friends and family. These beautiful broken hearts will be everyone’s favorite! What you need: • Paper: a heavier cardstock for…

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Create Your Own Holiday Village

What belongs in your village? Build houses, schools, or a house of worship. Make sleds, cars, or train cars from toilet paper tubes or small boxes. The bottom of a gallon jug might be a skating rink. Add snowmen or…

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Make a Mask of the Congo

All over the world, people use masks for different purposes: for ceremonial or religious gatherings, on stage to entertain, or to hide an identity. In the Congo Basin of Africa, masks serve all of these purposes and more and are…

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What’s Your Story?

Story Topics and Themes for Your Cube • Summer vacation cube: Use different squares for different parts of the adventure, such as places, people, weather, and activities. • Patriotic cube: Draw the flag, fireworks, an eagle, the Statue of Liberty,…

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It’s a New Way to Bubble!

Get artsy with an activity that blends every kid’s favorite activity – bubbles! – with painting! With a few simple supplies, young artists can create their own abstract bubble paintings. Families can frame the artwork, turn it into notecards to…

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Create an Up-Cycled Hanging Garden

This craft celebrates spring with flowers made right from the recycling bin! No need to feel guilty about the water bottles you had to buy for the game last weekend. Plus, there are a lot of spring holidays coming up,…

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Make a Creature Planter for Spring

Get spring off to a creative start by crafting with materials straight out of the recycling bin. Homemade creature planters make great gifts for all those upcoming holidays. What you need: • Milk or juice cartons (clean and dry) •…

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