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Make a Jump Rope!

Do you have a bag full of plastic bags at home? Here’s a great way to upcycle this common item that, sadly, finds its way to our oceans all too often. Just decide on the length of your jump rope,…

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Kids Can-Do! Wired for Jewelry-Making

Crafting with wire and the beads or buttons of your choice, your jewelry designs will always be unique. What’s more, you can modify this creative technique to add a splash of style to anything that needs a decorative upgrade.  …

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Beginner’s Guide to Pastels

With winter’s chill still lingering, your ears may be ringing with the echo of “I’m bored!” from the kids. Fill these pre-spring days by encouraging your kids to try a new medium – like pastels. Some parents avoid this medium,…

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Mind-Reading Secrets Revealed

No matter how old we are, most of us have wished we could read someone’s mind! To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make it appear as if we have the gift of mind-reading, start with a few crayons. Then,…

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Science Fun With Water

The process of electrolysis uses electricity to separate elements like the ones in water – a molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Sometimes referred to as an alternative fuel, today, a handful of car designs…

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Kids Can-Do: Magic Made Simple!

Whether we’re talking about kids or grown-ups, most of us don’t have any problem making money disappear. To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make money vanish into thin air, start with a little bit of prep. Then, follow some…

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