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Mind-Reading Secrets Revealed

No matter how old we are, most of us have wished we could read someone’s mind! To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make it appear as if we have the gift of mind-reading, start with a few crayons. Then,…

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Science Fun With Water

The process of electrolysis uses electricity to separate elements like the ones in water – a molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Sometimes referred to as an alternative fuel, today, a handful of car designs…

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Kids Can-Do: Magic Made Simple!

Whether we’re talking about kids or grown-ups, most of us don’t have any problem making money disappear. To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make money vanish into thin air, start with a little bit of prep. Then, follow some…

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Make a Collagraph

Collagraphs are handmade printing plates – usually assembled on cardboard – made from artfully arranged materials. Artists varnish the collagraph plates and let them dry. Then they ink them, and press paper to the surface to create a print. Let’s…

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Getting Busy this Spring

In parts of the country, there’s a bee shortage affecting pollination of plants. Here’s a fun craft made with the ultimate recyclable (toilet paper tubes!) to get kids thinking about the environment, nature, science, and perhaps most important – spring!…

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Lasting Impressions in Art

There are two artists who come to mind when the medium of sculpture is mentioned. One of them is the Italian poet, architect, and engineer of the High Renaissance, Michelangelo. The other is Auguste Rodin, the subject of an internationally…

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Your Body of Water!

Did you know the human body is approximately 60 percent water? Water is such an important part of how the human body functions that every system in your body requires water to function. In the wintertime, there may be parts…

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