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Green Goo for You

Hmmm. Liquid or solid? Have you ever looked at a bowl of Jell-O or played with Silly Putty and wondered, Is that a liquid or a solid?  You may have gone so far as to think that it’s both, and…

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Valentine Has Staying Power

  Older kids can take the popular preschool handprint project to a new dimension using air-dry clay. It’s a cool and creative gift kids can do (get it?) that signs “I love you!” What you need: • Air-dry clay (available…

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Science is a Breeze!

Wind is a powerful source of energy that helps people, animals, and plants move around the world. Sailors have used wind power to navigate waterways for thousands of years! So is it possible to use wind to help us drive…

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Picture-Perfect Gift Idea

Kids love making ornaments and grownups enjoy receiving pictures  during the holidays! Factor in the use of recycled materials, and you get a can’t-miss Kids Can-Do idea for all ages. (It’s a perfect gift topper, too – especially for out-of-town…

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Book-Smart & Creative

The art of bookbinding became popular in the twentieth century when designers started making book covers to complement the contents inside. Examples of these ornately decorated books can be seen not only in library collections, but also in art galleries.…

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How to Make a Dragon

In ancient China, dragons were symbols of power, prosperity, and good fortune. Inspired by jade pendants found in VMFA’s permanent collection, create your own dragon art using recycled materials.   What you need: •Empty and cleaned soda can •Scissors •Craft…

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Collaborative Doodle

Artists of all ages and abilities will enjoy this fun and creative game. Just put pen (or pencil, marker, or crayon) to paper and don’t hold back. Whether you draw a stick figure or a detailed sketch, the end product will…

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By-the-Letter Fun

Monograms are all the rage. It’s easy to craft your own colorful design with this creative and easy-to-execute technique. What you need: • Cardboard • Pencil or marker • Yarn or ribbon • Scissors • Tape   What you do:…

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Share Your Identity

What makes you – you? Explore your identity by creating a silhouette of your outward image filled with pictures that reflect who you truly are on the inside.   What you need: • Two sheets of construction paper, one white…

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