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How to Make a Dragon

In ancient China, dragons were symbols of power, prosperity, and good fortune. Inspired by jade pendants found in VMFA’s permanent collection, create your own dragon art using recycled materials.   What you need: •Empty and cleaned soda can •Scissors •Craft…

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Collaborative Doodle

Artists of all ages and abilities will enjoy this fun and creative game. Just put pen (or pencil, marker, or crayon) to paper and don’t hold back. Whether you draw a stick figure or a detailed sketch, the end product will…

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By-the-Letter Fun

Monograms are all the rage. It’s easy to craft your own colorful design with this creative and easy-to-execute technique. What you need: • Cardboard • Pencil or marker • Yarn or ribbon • Scissors • Tape   What you do:…

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Share Your Identity

What makes you – you? Explore your identity by creating a silhouette of your outward image filled with pictures that reflect who you truly are on the inside.   What you need: • Two sheets of construction paper, one white…

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Paper-Perfect Jewelry

Start with Mom’s favorite colors or her favorite magazine.She’ll love that you took the time to up-cycle paper into an original jewelry design to celebrate Mother’s Day. What you need: • Cardboard (template) • Old magazines, direct-mail pieces, or any…

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That’s a Wrap!

You’re a collector and that’s awesome! You have stunning stones, sea glass, and shells from your beach trip. You even saved the minerals and rocks from that third-grade field trip to the mines. Here’s why: You can create original wrapped…

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There’s the Rub

Start your art with this photo-transferring strategy and go for a big finish by adding your own unique elements. What you need: • Acrylic gel medium (we use Liquitex gel medium in heavy gloss, but any clear acrylic medium works)…

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What Do You Stand For?

Art History is Not Linear (VMFA), a commissioned painting by Virginia-born artist Ryan McGinness, draws inspiration for its two hundred symbols from artwork in VMFA’s collection. Follow these steps and create your own screenprinted symbolic exploration of whatever you’d like.…

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It’s Global Cool!

A traditional snow globe is a unique and colorful decorative accent for any room. You might also look into commemorating a special vacation or sports season by crafting a snow globe tribute. What you need: • Glass jar with a…

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