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Crafting a Capgrosso

The big-head, or capgrosso, is a traditional Spanish art form made of paper maché and donned for parades and celebrations.Use a similar technique to make a maraca or puppet. What you need: • Small pieces of flat cardboard • Small…

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Pop Art and Pointillism

  Artists Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann used images from popular culture to create some of the most renowned pop art of the twentieth century. Visit VMFA to view their fabulous works of inspiration and get ideas for your own…

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Bang-Up Job

Combine art, math, and music to celebrate a special man this month! Visit VMFA to view drums in the African art collection, then be inspired to create an original gift at home. What you need: • Empty tin can, such…

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Butterfly Time

To establish a nature and art connection, take a walk in search of these fabulous creatures, then visit the VMFA and see if you can spot a butterfly in the exhibits. Finish with a crafting session to create a unique…

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Spring Forth!

Be inspired by twentieth-century artist Lucas Samaras, who transformed everyday objects into creative works of art. Explore the art of soft sculpture by up-cycling fabric to create a bouquet. What you need: Fabric strips cut to 2x16 inches Low-temp glue…

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Shiny & Bright!

Jewelry has long been a popular artistic form of cultural expression. In ancient Greece, many designs were inspired by nature, and just as it is today, jewelry was crafted using precious metals and semi-precious stones and glass beads. Starting with…

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The Art of Marbling

Marbling is the process of floating paint on the surface of treated (or sized) water. Very popular in Europe in the nineteenth century, marbled fabric and paper were commonly used as a decorative materials for book covers, and for lining…

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Art of Paper-Making

Hone your skills in paper-making and create a unique holiday accent. The ancient egyptians pounded and flattened papyrus to make paper for scrolls. Now you can produce one-of-a-kind tags and cards using a similar technique. What you need: • Scrap…

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Arts and Eats

Join the art movement characterized by spontaneity and the expression of emotion in painting. Be inspired by abstract expressionist and native Virginian Judith Godwin and bring this dramatic art form to your family table. What You Need: Any color poster…

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Chihuly with Me!

The works of internationally renowned artist Dale Chihuly will move you to creative innovation in your next project! Chihuly's Macchia blown glass forms originate from organic shapes like the flower and the seashell alongside his desire to use all 300…

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