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Travel and Study Abroad

In 2015, approximately 4.6 million students pursued studies in a country other than the one in which they were born, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( That’s up significantly from 2.1 million students studying abroad in…

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Challenges of Immigration

Immigration is in the news frequently, but some of the information can be confusing or contradictory. Let’s explore some of the terminology that’s being used as we continue to evaluate a system that is affecting so many families and businesses…

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7 Tips for Summer Co-Parenting

As June days peel off, we all look forward to summertime when life can be more relaxing and enjoyable. For parents who are separated or divorced, making summer plans for kids can make or break whether everyone has a good…

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The Truth About Turning Eighteen

Being the parent of an 18-year-old is exciting. There’s the planning, helping with school and job applications, and the excitement about college, going to work, or whatever the next stage of life brings. So much changes when kids turn eighteen.…

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The Smart Woman’s Guide to Divorce

No parent of young children wants to think her marriage could end in divorce. Yet, the statistics are there, and everybody knows that for a variety of reasons, many families are faced with separation and divorce. If you have any…

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An Education Trust

When Mark and Michelle began thinking about their children’s educations, they quickly became overwhelmed. They had heard of UTMA accounts, 529 plans, and educational trusts. They knew their parents wanted to help also, but they didn’t fully understand the different…

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What is Kinship Care?

When John and Ann were in a serious automobile accident, they needed care for their children. Arrangements were made for the kids to stay with relatives in Virginia until their parents could recover. The caregiving relatives needed legal authority to…

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When Your Child Has Special Needs

Kate and John have three children. One of them has been diagnosed with autism, and is enrolled in Henrico County Public Schools with an individualized education plan (IEP) in place. Kate and John struggle with how to take care of…

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Why a Prenup?

Erica was taken by surprise when her fiancé suggested a prenuptial agreement. She had been so focused on planning the wedding itself – the venue, the reception, the dress, the wedding party – that the thought of a premarital agreement…

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Keys to Custody

Anne never thought she’d be sitting down with her husband trying to make child custody arrangements. She had friends who had gone through divorce. She knew the struggles that it entailed, and what a tricky issue it could be for…

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