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Mom and Dad’s House

As our parents age and begin to worry about losing their homes due to possible future nursing home expenses, they frequently think about deeding their homes to their adult children, feeling that this protects them. However, there are other and…

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Why a Medical Directive is Smart

Ever since the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case, which spanned from 1990 to 2005, people have realized what can happen if you do not have an advance medical directive in place. As many of us recall, at the young age of…

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Child Support Basics

When couples separate or divorce, a common question for parents is: How does child support work? Child support matters can be arranged by agreement, or if the parties are unable to agree, it can be established by the courts.  In…

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Kids and Divorce

Divorce is never easy. When parents divorce, a major concern is: How will this affect the children? Each family is unique, and the answer to that question will depend on the age of the children and the family dynamics. Generally,…

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Exploring Grandparents’ Rights

There is no relationship quite like that of a grandparent and grandchild. Grandparents universally speak of the joy it brings. In her book, Becoming Grandma, Leslie Stahl writes, “There is no weariness that competes with the elation and joy of…

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What Eighteen Means

Your child has turned eighteen. The prom and graduation have gone off without a hitch. Next steps like college or a full-time job have been decided on, and your son or daughter is excited about adulthood and independence. It is…

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About That Will?

When singer, songwriter, and music icon Prince died at age fifty-seven, people were shocked to discover that he apparently had never made a will. To the surprise of many, unless Prince had created a trust or some other estate planning…

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Healthy Relationships

As family members age, they often become more reliant on us to help them with their lives. When Grandma and Grandpa need help mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs, or lifting heavy boxes, the solution is easy: Drive over and…

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Keep Calm and Neighbor On

We’ve all had to deal with those neighbors at one point or another. You know, the ones whose high schooler is the lead singer for a death metal band that practices on Tuesday nights until eleven-thirty at night. In their…

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Choosing a Guardian

My husband and I are the parents of one spirited 6-year-old. Although our nuclear family is small, the extended one includes grandparents, an aunt, cousins, a Godfather, self-proclaimed “agnostic parents,” and fairy godparents. And yes, I’m aware that those last…

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