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Summer Camp Safety

I remember my childhood summers as a time of nonstop action. Whether I was setting up a lemonade stand at our neighborhood roller skating rink (otherwise known as Mrs. Swanson’s driveway) or inviting my friends over to run in the…

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Got Custody Questions?

At a coffee shop, I overheard a mom talking on her cell phone. She was lamenting her single-mom status and all the responsibilities she faced on a daily basis, which did sound more than a bit overwhelming. At one point,…

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Trash Talk

Jump back with me into “Mad Men” time. Don is still married to Betty, and the Draper family is finishing up a family picnic at a park. Before heading back to the car, Don throws his beer can across the…

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Stalking is Serious

Anyone can be a victim of stalking, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. I think we all know that intellectually, but take a moment and ponder what that really means. It means no one is immune from being…

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In the Market?

About a decade ago, I bought my first home. It was a “sweat equity” fixer-upper, and I was a poor law student. The price was right, and I wasn’t deterred by the fact that the place came with no water…

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Your Best Behavior

Most of us have been to staff holiday parties, and we have some pretty good stories to tell as a result. And it’s safe to say that the vast majority of those stories don’t involve heroism, or, say, acts of…

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Breastfeeding Rights

According to the CDC, 77 percent of mothers in the United States breastfeed. We breastfeed in hospitals and doctors’ offices, in our homes, at the park, and on outings. While running errands, I often breastfed my daughter in my car…

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Problem-Solving 101

When I was fourteen years old, our neighbor’s cat started doing something that really got under my dad’s skin. Nightly, the crafty little fellow would sneak up on my dad’s beloved Saab convertible to sharpen his claws on one section…

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Busy Summer for SCOTUS

Toward the end of this past June, my Facebook feed was filled with lots of “White Hot” posts about the Miami Heat and the NBA Championships. Ubiquitous during the playoffs, cheers for a favorite team or player are about as…

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Child Support

Going through a divorce with kids is a big deal. Emotionally and financially, the repercussions are huge. Fortunately for most, once the divorce is final and custody and child support are established, a new routine is set and followed. But…

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