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Child Support

Going through a divorce with kids is a big deal. Emotionally and financially, the repercussions are huge. Fortunately for most, once the divorce is final and custody and child support are established, a new routine is set and followed. But…

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Safety First for Kids

Years ago, my husband and I lived next door to a family of avid motorcycle enthusiasts. They had motorcycle-inspired clothing, toys for the kids, and lots of hogs of their own. On warm evenings, they would park the motorcycles on…

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Firearms and Family Life

Guns, guns, guns. They are being discussed in the news, on our Facebook walls, and in legislative meeting rooms across the country. It's a touchy topic, and people tend to have opinions that burn red-hot. In the name of some…

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Bullying Basics

When I was in eighth grade, I missed two weeks of school to go to Europe with my parents, which was great. When I returned, however, the leader in my group of gal pals had decided she didn't want me…

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Small Business Talk

Payroll taxes. Benefits. Worker's compensation. I know, i know. Heavy stuff, but read on, because it may save you the hassle of back taxes and potential lawsuits. If you own a small business, you are probably familiar with the idea…

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Laws of Dogdom

I’m a dog-lover and have been my whole life. Most stories from my youth include, at least in a supporting role, my beloved childhood dog, Button. My dad always referred to her as “sweet breath,” which she definitely didn’t have,…

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Words & Legal Woes

Here are a couple of legal terms for you: slander and libel. I know what you are thinking. I’m a law-abiding type, so why do i even want to know about it? Well, if you are one of the billion…

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If Your Kid’s Arrested

I've been arrested. Once, when I was fourteen years old. That's right. Your RFM legal writer has a criminal record. Surprised? Probably not. Many law-abiding, hard-working parents have had a brief run-in with law enforcement, most likely during those rebellious…

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Accidents Happen

Ten days after I got my driver's license, I was in a car accident. Another driver drifted into my lane and hit my car while tuning his radio. The good news is that everyone was okay. Only my car was…

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Facing Foreclosure?

Chances are, you know someone who has faced possible home foreclosure, if you haven't yourself. In today's housing market, record numbers of homeowners are at risk for losing their homes - and their credit - to foreclosure. I sat down…

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