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Small Business Savvy

One of my best mom friends, Brooke, is a mompreneur. She might not think of it that way, because the bulk of her time is focused on caring for her family, but she is. Before getting married and having a…

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Learn About Sexting

About a year ago, a friend came over to our house with an iPad, and our daughter found a new obsession. She oohed and aahed at the African safari photos; she furrowed her brow in concentration while playing the ABC…

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Insurance Questions?

On the third night after Hurricane Irene, I went to bed feeling a little bit dramatic. We still had no power, and the neighbor with the really, really loud generator prevented sound sleep. Our 3-year-old had reverted to waking two…

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Family Leave

In the last few weeks, five of my mom friends have welcomed new babies into their families, and two more are expecting this fall. Visiting them reminds me of how precious newborns are – and just how much time they…

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Exploring IEPs

In 1966, when my sister was two, she was diagnosed with a severe hearing impairment. Her pediatrician told my mom that she should be institutionalized and that she would not likely complete more than an eighth-grade education. Fast forward four-and-a-half…

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Teens at Work

When my husband was seventeen, he spent a summer working construction with a bunch of men twice his age. Making much more than minimum wage, he kept his mouth shut when he was charged with tasks far beyond his strength…

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Safe Travels

When my daughter was four months old, my mother asked when I would turn her rear-facing car seat around so she could be “more entertained and less prone to suffer from motion sickness.” Tiny from the get-go, my daughter was…

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Collaborative Divorce

You’ve explored all the options, even tried couples and family counseling, but despite your best efforts, you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage. How can you protect your children throughout this process? How is custody going to…

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Boing! Splash!

We've all seen it on America’s Funniest Home Videos. A child jumping on a diving board accidentally lands a belly flop in the family pool. A toddler, a teen, or, heck, even a guy who qualifies for AARP jumps exuberantly…

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Underage Drinking

Teen drinking. Not a pleasant thought, especially if you are the parent of a high school student. Your mind jumps to all sorts of possible outcomes: alcohol poisoning, a police arrest, mangled cars, ambulance lights flashing... And the numbers support…

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