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Forward Foundation

Three years ago, Erica’s family of three became a family of two. As a newly single mom, providing for and parenting then nine-month-old Eris fell on Erica’s shoulders alone. The challenges of working full time, paying for child care, and…

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It is noon on a Sunday and students and chaperones from Godwin High School have created an assembly line to unload materials from a large box truck. Working as a team, they move from start to finish on the installation…

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Jacob’s Chance

Fifteen-year-old Aiden Willis started participating in sports at Jacob’s Chance when he was four years old. Aiden, who suffered a stroke in the birth canal and has cerebral palsy, would see the cousins in his family playing sports, and like…

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RVA Community Fridges

When Shaundra visits the easy-access, always-free fridge near her family’s Fulton Hill home, she usually picks up a few eggs, fresh greens, or another vegetable or fruit. The Richmond parent says she wants her kids to have at least one…

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SCRAP RVA Creative Reuse

Teaching can be challenging, exciting, exhausting, and uplifting all at once. There’s a resource in the region designed to make teachers’ jobs and lives a little less stressful.  What teachers say about SCRAP RVA: “SCRAP RVA is a lifesaver! I…

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Imagine moving to a strange new country to find safety, but being forced to leave behind your five children? Lola knows that reality all too well. The single mother came to the United States from Guatemala two years ago and…

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Commonwealth Catholic Charities

The days at Fort Lee were long. And for the hundreds of Afghan refugees filling out paperwork and trying to contact loved ones, those days had been preceded by many other long, hard days. For these families, the journey to…

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