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Advice for Parenting Teens

My soon-to-be eighth-grader has a crush on a neighbor. A few summers ago (pre-crush and pre-pandemic), I let them hang out together in her bedroom. I don’t think that’s a good idea now. Any thoughts on how I should approach…

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5 Signs You’re Trying to Be a Good Parent

Am I a good parent? Maybe not perfect. But at least good? Every parent asks this question at least once, more likely every day. Your child’s answer may vary widely depending on when you last let her have dessert. Your best friend…

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Calming Vaccination Anxiety

Help! My 5-year-old has a huge fear of doctors, nurses, and even the pediatrician’s office. He has an older sister who has been trying to help him be brave about getting shots, but all this a done is cause more…

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