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Separation Talk and Dining with Kids

Q: Sadly, my husband and i have decided to separate. We are struggling with how to tell our 9- and 12-year-old kids about this change. Advice? A: Separation and divorce are major stressors. We can try to ease the pain…

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Attention Deficit and Thumb Sucking

Q: We have gotten a lot of input through the years about our 11-year-old son’s behavior from his teachers and this year’s teacher has commented as well. We’ve heard everything: focus issues, high-energy, etc. I want to know if he…

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Picky Eaters and Talk-Reluctant Teens

Q: My 16-month-old is becoming a picky eater. I know a healthy balanced diet now will contribute to good eating habits in the future, but he seems to reject anything unless it has a sweet taste. How can I get…

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Potty Training and Kids Home Alone

Q: My family is encouraging me to potty train my 2-yearold daughter this summer. I don’t know where to begin – help! A: Few parenting milestones can be as daunting as potty training. Everyone seems to have the best method…

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Computer Limits and First Steps

Q : Our desktop computer is in a family-access area. Now my 12-year-old has inherited a laptop, which she has started taking to her bedroom. How should we go about setting limits? A While your daughter is reaching an age…

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