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Parenting Advice

I feel like my whole day at home with my 2-year-old revolves around food. What’s a good snacking strategy? Should I wait until he acts hungry, or schedule a time for a healthy snack? For a 2-year-old, food is a…

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Parenting Toddlers and Teens

Things disappear when my 13-year-old son’s friend visits our house, and I don’t know how to handle it. I am convinced this boy is stealing things from our home. I’m talking about little things, but it only happens when he…

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Real-Life Child Abuse Prevention

My son is marrying a woman who grew up in an abusive home. I know she hasn’t sought professional therapy to deal with these issues, but her abuser is no longer in her life. She is wonderful in every way,…

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Parenting and Social Media

I have a friend who is constantly posting negative thoughts about her daughter on Facebook. I believe they call this kid-shaming, but I’m not sure. There might be a picture of the sink full of dishes she didn’t wash or…

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Children’s Needs Must Come First

I am the father of two children, ages six and eight. I separated from my wife six months ago and we are definitely headed to a divorce. We share joint custody. We split the week with my children living half…

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Expert Parenting Advice

Q: My 15-year-old son is built exactly like me, thin and wiry, while my 13-year-old daughter is the picture of her dad – not overweight, but stronger and heavier with very broad shoulders. Unfortunately, she’s getting unwanted attention about this…

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It’s Thank You Season

Q: I have two small children. How can I develop in them a sense of gratitude? I come from a large family and I have sent countless birthday, wedding, graduation, and baby gifts that are never acknowledged. I want my…

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New Baby Alert!

Q: We’re expecting our second child in two months. Our firstborn is two-and-a-half and very excited at times, patting my tummy and talking to the baby. At other times, she seems very upset about the baby, becoming clingy and teary. How can…

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The Right Time for Makeup

Q: At my daughter’s preschool, a few of her classmates have come to school wearing makeup and little high-heel shoes. Now my almost 4-year-old daughter is asking to wear makeup – mostly eyeshadow and lipstick. While I am okay with this,…

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Expert Advice

Q: My kids, ages eight and ten, get a weekly allowance. My husband believes this money is theirs to do with what they want. I feel like parents should have the final say on how kids spend their money. Here’s…

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