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Sleep Habits and Independence

Q: I gave in this summer and let my 3-year-old fall asleep on the couch most nights while watching her favorite movie. Any ideas for getting her back into her bed and sleeping at an appropriate hour? A: Have you…

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New Baby and Separation Anxiety

Q. We’re getting ready to have a baby and our 5-year-old is not very happy about this new family addition. Did we wait too long? Do you have any ideas for helping him adjust appropriately before his little sister arrives?…

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Parenting an Only

This month, Susan Brown tackles two questions on the same topic. As the mother of an only child, she knows the territory well. Q: My husband and I made a decision to have one child and we are happy with…

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Play Dates and Stranger Danger

Q: I admit it, playdates at my house drive me crazy. I try to leave the kids alone, but every time I listen in, an older neighbor kid is consistently making all the decisions and calling all the shots. How…

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Prevent Child Abuse

Q. Last week in the grocery store, I saw an adult completely lose her temper and scream and threaten a child. It made me think of other situations, even with my friends, when parents have crossed a line with their…

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Expert Parenting Advice

Q: I have been divorced for several years and have two children, six and nine. They live with me during the week and with their father most weekends. I have been dating Chris for three months. We usually see each…

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Stay Up on Social Media

Q. All of my son’s friends are on Instagram and most of them have Facebook pages. He’s twelve. What do you think about kids and social media? A. Social media is an increasingly larger part of the way we all…

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Expert Advice

Q. When my dad was in hospice, my husband insisted that our kids (six and nine) not be part of that experience. I thought then, and still think, this was a mistake and that the kids should have been able…

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