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Expert Advice

Q. I just found out that one of my 16-year-old son’s close friends is in rehab – or has started AA or something similar. I don’t have all the details, but I’m worried. If his friend is in this deep,…

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Advice for Parents

Q: Our first son was talking up a storm by age two, but his little brother doesn't seem to be picking it up as well. He follows directions, so we know he hears just fine. A friend has suggested looking…

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Home Alone – Kids and Parents

Parental Guidance Q: What are some indicators that a child is old enough to get off the bus and stay at home by himself after school until i get home from work around dinner time? My son is 10 and…

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Parental Guidance – Baby Talk

Q: Help! My three-month-old baby cries all the time and doesn't sleep more than three hours at a time. I wasn't planning on returning to work until after she was older but I'm considering it now because I'm so exhausted and…

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Tough Questions

Q:My 12-year-old daughter is constantly judging kids and commenting on what they wear and how they look. This is new behavior for her. I’m worried that if she feels okay telling me these things, she could be even more outspoken…

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Gender Play Talk and Sibling Rivalry

Q: When I’m painting my nails, my 6-year-old son wants to join in the fun. He’ll help me, and sometimes paint his too.I don’t see a problem with this, but my boyfriend does. Do you think this is an issue? A: I…

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Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Q: When the Jerry Sandusky case and the sexual abuse of kids were constantly in the news, a good friend and i had very different approaches to handling the situation with our families.She changed the subject (and the channel) whenever it…

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