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Connecting with Cats in Shelters

Meghan Kleppinger has a standing date every Friday night with a group of furry friends. After work, she heads over to the Richmond SPCA where she reads to cats that need to hear a friendly voice. Living in a shelter…

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Halloween Hazards for Pets

My dog Darby looks fantastic in a Halloween costume. For pet owners like me, it’s one of the fun things about the holiday. But as an emergency veterinarian, I have to admit that I also think of all the things…

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Cool Cats and Not-So-Hot Dogs

There’s so much to do in RVA, and Richmonders don’t let the season’s heat and humidity slow us down. From the many outdoor festivals to a stroll around Carytown or by the James River, we’re out and about, enjoying our…

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Travel-Safety Guide for Pets

Vacationing with pets is more common now than ever, and a plethora of destinations offer pet-friendly accommodations so your dog or cat can join in on the family fun. There are many factors to consider, however, when bringing your furry friend…

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Why Pet Insurance Makes Sense

There are approximately 180 million pets in the United States, and in many cases, they are treated as members of the family. However, unlike other family members, only about 1 percent of those pets have insurance for medical care. Although…

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Holiday Safety Guide for Pets

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays should be a time for welcoming friends and family into your home – not for making emergency trips to the animal hospital. But if this year is like most others, veterinarians like myself will…

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Pet Emergency Care

Many pet owners may be surprised when their veterinarian tells them their sick dog or cat needs a blood transfusion. Transfusions are a large part of emergency and critical care veterinary medicine. Dogs and cats (and even horses, birds, and…

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Summer Safety Guide

We all love summertime and being outside! Getting together with family is an essential part of the summer experience. For many people, this ritual includes furry family members. While enjoying the warmer weather is fun, we all need to watch…

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Guide to Indoor Cats

Cat lovers know that many indoor cats are overweight, inactive, and bored – and that can have a negative effect on their health. Indoor cats can live a healthy and fulfilling life, provided they have environmental enrichment. 1. Playtime Keep…

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