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Strategies the Experts Use

Are congratulations in order for your new furry family member? Perhaps you’re still considering this important decision. With just a few strategies, the integration of a new dog into your family can be a smooth one. On day one, before entering…

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When the Therapist is a Dog

You’ve seen service dogs in the community. These dogs are trained to aid people suffering from various disabilities or diseases. They assist us in managing disabilities like autism, PTSD, visual and hearing impairments, and diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, diabetes,…

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Looking for Your Dream Dog?

It was an emotional decision to purchase my second Mercury Villager. My father had given me my first, an all-purpose van to transport dogs to and from the adoption stand and appointments with the vet. It was my only car,…

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Need-to-Know Pet First Aid

Our family recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation on a fairly remote beach. We loved having no phones, sleeping late, and seeing nobody else on our beach. However, as I was exploring and photographing the sunrise one morning, I stepped on something…

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Summer Safety Guide

Her name was Molly Phyllis, and she was solely responsible for getting our family over our bigotry. My husband and I fostered dogs and with two small children, we steadfastly refused to allow pit bulls in our home. But when…

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Rosco’s Pearly Whites

Wow! You could really use a breath mint! Have you ever gotten a big kiss from your dog and had that thought? Dogs and cats get bad breath due to dental disease, and you can help by brushing your pet’s…

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Pets Get Cancer, Too (Sigh)

Cancer is a frightening word, immediately evoking thoughts of battling a relentless, debilitating, painful illness. Our pets are sometimes diagnosed with cancer, too. This is never an easy word to hear, but what it means for pets and what can…

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