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Mastering the Pup Paddle

Earlier this spring, as I was working with a young dog, introducing him to a pool for the first time, I was reminded that sometimes instinctual acts are not so instinctual. This can be true with swimming, especially in a…

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Cat Mysteries Solved

So you think you know cats? Let’s take a closer look at this often misunderstood creature. Myth #1: Cats are solitary animals that don’t need exercise or play time. Cats entertain themselves. Somehow the idea has gotten around that cats…

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Wild Things

Spring is full of new life, including wildlife. Even in our urban settings, we see lots of babies, especially birds. Sometimes these youngsters need some help, but usually Mother Nature is taking care of her own. What should you do…

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All About Feeding Fido

Just like people-food shopping and putting meals on the table for loved ones, when it comes to feeding your dog, there are many factors to consider. From what kind of food, to when and how to feed your dog, here’s…

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Dog Have the Winter Doldrums?

If your dog stares at you incessantly, barks at you, or paws and nudges you, he is demanding attention. But more notably, your dog may be bored. When it comes to your dog’s well-being, the importance of mental stimulation is…

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Why Puppy Gifting is for the Dogs

The warm cuddly feeling of a puppy snuggling up in your lap is one of the best feelings in the world, right? Breathing in the sweet smell of puppy breath can be equally amazing. Having the kids scamper downstairs on…

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City Chicks and You

For a variety of reasons, pseudo-farms are springing up in the most urban settings. We want to feed our families wholesome, nutritious foods, to have some control over how and where our food is grown or raised, and to experience…

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Help Your Dog Deal with Anxiety

If you have struggled calming your fearful dog, you are not alone – especially in Central Virginia, where intense thunderstorms are typical. Fear in dogs seems to be a very common issue, no matter the dog’s size or breed. Whether…

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The Rest of the Story

Snakes. Do you react to this single word with fascination or phobia? Perhaps more than any other pet, a snake can evoke this range of responses. Snakes are not evil, slippery, or slimy. They are smooth, dry, and graceful. There…

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