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It’s the Right Thing

Domestication means an animal species has been changed by humans over generations, so those animals can live in close association with us. These animals live better, longer lives with humans than without them. As a result of domestication, dogs and…

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“Am I A Cat Person?”

I grew up with cats and dogs, so deciding on the pets to welcome into my furry family was always a no-brainer. If you’re in the early stages of your own pet-finding mission, here are some questions you may want…

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What About the Crate?

Whether you have a young puppy or a new rescue dog, following some basic steps for crate training will help ease the transition. There are many benefits of properly crate training a dog. Crating provides sanctuary, offering settle time for…

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Taking Rover on the Road?

Vacationing with pets is more common now than ever, and a plethora of destinations now offer pet-friendly accommodations so your pooch can join in on the family fun. There is more to consider when bringing your four-legged friend on the road.…

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Is Your Senior Pet in Pain?

There’s this one: I don’t think my dog is in pain, because he doesn’t yelp. Or this one: My dog still chases squirrels. How could she have arthritis? Both are logical conclusions from attentive, loving pet owners. However, people and…

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Pethood Obesity

We all know how much our dogs and cats love to eat. But based on recent veterinary surveys, more than half of our pets are overweight. Overweight pets are at a higher risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high…

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Mastering the Pup Paddle

Earlier this spring, as I was working with a young dog, introducing him to a pool for the first time, I was reminded that sometimes instinctual acts are not so instinctual. This can be true with swimming, especially in a…

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Cat Mysteries Solved

So you think you know cats? Let’s take a closer look at this often misunderstood creature. Myth #1: Cats are solitary animals that don’t need exercise or play time. Cats entertain themselves. Somehow the idea has gotten around that cats…

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Wild Things

Spring is full of new life, including wildlife. Even in our urban settings, we see lots of babies, especially birds. Sometimes these youngsters need some help, but usually Mother Nature is taking care of her own. What should you do…

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