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Forever Friends

My mom is in her seventies, lives alone in an apartment, and recently mentioned she would love to have a companion dog. In determining what breed, size, exercise, and grooming requirements would be best for her in a dog, we…

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Cats Are Sneaky!

They hide and wait until you’re about to doze off and then pounce on your feet, snug under a blanket. They stalk the rubber band that just fell to the floor, or the dust bunny that's hardly visible under the…

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Bored Dog?

If your dog stares at you incessantly, barks at you, or paws and nudges you, he is demanding attention. But more notably, your dog may be bored. The importance of mental stimulation is significant and cannot be understated. Interaction with…

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As parents, we are sometimes frustrated with the behavior of our children, and sometimes exasperated by our dogs. However, when the interaction between them is the issue, it becomes all the more difficult to correct. Often we need to change…

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