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Happy Fall, Happy October!

Happy has become sort of a relative term these days, hasn’t it? Happy enough may be the more fitting way to say it this year. Not-nearly-as-happy-as-last-October-but-it-could-always-be-worse is even more appropriate – but a little long-winded. It’s been nice to see…

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Happy September, friends!

We’re rounding the corner toward the last quarter of this most interesting of years (good riddance, 2020!), and as strange as this one will be, the start of another school year is upon us. No matter where you live, the…

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Summer greetings, friends!

I am writing this note during a particularly challenging time in our city and our nation’s history. For a while, I was afraid the whole idea of putting out a magazine right now seemed frivolous and out of place. But…

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May Greetings!

And for some of you, welcome to your first issue of Richmond Family Magazine! During these very different times, we are mailing the magazine to some families across the Richmond area, so you can enjoy all RFM has to offer…

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An April Like No Other

This is the eleventh time I’ve written an April publisher’s note, and if I were to look back (which I never do; reading my own writing makes me cringe), I’m sure they have all started with talk of the joys…

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RFM Comes Marching In!

As much as we love our two double issues each year (and the little break they give the hard-working RFM team), we’re always ridiculously excited to bring you a new issue when the time comes.  You’ve snagged a packed March…

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Well Wishes for a New Year!

Welcome to a shiny new decade, rife with possibilities! And welcome to RFM’s annual health and wellness double issue, packed with inspiration for the new year. This time of year is packed with advice, it seems. Giving it. Receiving it.…

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Season’s Greetings!

What a fun year it has been! 2019 was filled with milestone birthday celebrations, both for me and for RFM, the launch of a new RFM annual Education Expo, plus a new addition to the Thompson family, in the form…

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November Greetings!

If I wasn’t in the holiday spirit before diving into this issue (and I really, really wasn’t!), I sure am now. Just reading Catherine Brown’s history of Thanksgiving and all of the foods and traditions that go with it has…

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Happy 10th Birthday to Us!

We don’t toot our own horn too often, but ten years in business is a big deal, so we’re celebrating! I have greeted you from this space 117 times, for ten straight years, and each time, it’s been a thrill…

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