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Chesterfield Food Bank

In the midst of the pandemic, Jennifer found herself uncertain about where her family’s next meal would come from. After months in the hospital following heart surgery, she had lost her income, apartment, and personal belongings. Jennifer’s sister took her…

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The Giving Wall

Michael can tailor any garment you bring him, handling every inseam and hem with precision and care. His dream of owning his own business had come to fruition after years of honing his craft and building a clientele. Then came…

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Daily Planet Health Services

More than fifty years ago, Daily Planet opened its doors with a mission of helping Richmond teens and young adults who were dropping out of school and society. At the time, this population represented a disenfranchised group of young adults…

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Work of Art

The life of a teenage girl can be scary and confusing. Now, add to that being part of a society that isn’t built for you to succeed while trying to understand yourself and live in your truth and purpose authentically.…

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Circles RVA

As the saying goes, It takes a village to raise a child. Darshee Clarke knows this better than most. Born into generational poverty, she has been working her entire life to navigate the complex path out. Her determination is clear:…

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RVA Masks 4 Health

When she heard a CDC spokesperson say crisis medical workers could use a bandanna or scarf over their faces as a last resort, Julie Kratzer knew she needed to do something to help healthcare workers. That’s the moment RVA Masks…

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Visit for guidance on conducting a safe food drive in your neighborhood. _________________________________________________________________________________ As a single mom, Sheila Jamerson doesn’t worry about herself. She worries about taking care of her two children. That anxiety recently turned to fear when…

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Safe Harbor

Register to walk your route your way this weekend and support the Safe Harbor mission to end human trafficking. #2020WalkAnywhereWalkEverywhere  Go here. Many people imagine human trafficking as something out of a Liam Neeson movie. A predator snatches a woman…

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Bridging RVA

by Tom O’Donnell Seven-year-old Jake sleeps on his aunt’s couch one week and on his grandfather’s floor flanked by two of his cousins the next. Jake and his mom are in between stable housing, although his mother is on several…

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