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March of Dimes

What if the hardest day of your life was also the very first? That’s just how it is for one in every eight babies who are born too soon. Every week in Virginia, over two hundred babies are born pre-term…

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Connor’s Heroes Foundation

  No parent can imagine hearing the words, Your child has cancer. When Moses and Jerusha Joshua learned that their 2-year-old daughter, Meesha, had stage four neuroblastoma last year, it was a reality the couple had to face. As they…

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Find Help through United Way’s 2-1-1

Durward Massenburg didn’t know where to turn when his granddaughter, Brianna, needed help and support for daily life. Brianna, who turns seven this month, lives with her extended family and has 12 life-altering illnesses that require special care and keep…

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Capital Diaper Bank

When Phyllis Bradley began marking babies’ Friday diapers before they went home for the weekend at the childcare center where she worked, she was shocked and saddened by what she discovered come Monday morning. “To our horror, many babies returned…

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Podium Foundation

According to Podium Foundation co-founder David L. Robbins, very few of Richmond’s public high schools have literary journals, and none have school newspapers. Contrast this with the neighboring counties, where most every high school features both. “Richmond’s just like urban…

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Pedal Power

Two years ago, Ethan Seltzer was searching for a way to harness a truly amazing force: human energy. Combining a passion for green living with his love of family cycling, he founded Pedal Power. “As consumers, we need to be…

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St. Andrew’s School

Tammie Lett-Chalmers, a parent of four, says she was surprised when the director of St. Andrew’s School asked to visit with her family in their Richmond home. But as the head of school at the tuition-free private school in Oregon…

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Peter Paul Development Center

Tonya is in seventh grade. Her report cards indicate that she is making satisfactory progress in school. Ditto, her SOL scores. But when compared to students across the country, Tonya is only reading on a third-grade level.Her math computation skills…

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