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Pedal Power

Two years ago, Ethan Seltzer was searching for a way to harness a truly amazing force: human energy. Combining a passion for green living with his love of family cycling, he founded Pedal Power. “As consumers, we need to be…

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St. Andrew’s School

Tammie Lett-Chalmers, a parent of four, says she was surprised when the director of St. Andrew’s School asked to visit with her family in their Richmond home. But as the head of school at the tuition-free private school in Oregon…

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Peter Paul Development Center

Tonya is in seventh grade. Her report cards indicate that she is making satisfactory progress in school. Ditto, her SOL scores. But when compared to students across the country, Tonya is only reading on a third-grade level.Her math computation skills…

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As individuals, we challenge ourselves to find the perfect gift for friends, loved ones, and associates. As citizens, many of us also wish to experience the true meaning of the season by helping others in need. This year, GiveRichmond.Org can…

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Noah’s Children

Christi and David Hancock lovingly celebrated each day of their daughter Ella’s life because they knew it could also be her last. Diagnosed in utero with a chromosomal disorder, baby Ella wasn’t expected to survive her birth, much less come…

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When Adults Read, Children Succeed

Joanie Bache says nearly half of the city of Richmond’s elementary school summer students reported having no books at home last year “What happens when a kindergartener can’t speak in complete sentences, identify colors, or show the self-control needed to…

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Central Virginia Food Bank

When Megan’s parents and the staff at her elementary school met to discuss her school performance, there was an unexpected revelation: The family was struggling to provide food and other basics for their daughter. Megan’s mom talked to the assistant…

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CrossOver Ministry

  Late last summer, following her husband’s job loss in Texas, Maria relocated her family to Richmond. When Maria tried to enroll her four kids in school, she learned they needed back-to-school physicals and updated immunizations before they could attend…

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Hands On Greater Richmond

Volunteering has many benefits for people of all ages, from meeting interesting people, to acquiring new skill sets, to building self-confidence and self-esteem. But did you know that youth who volunteer just one or more hours a week are 50…

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