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What is CultureWorks? In any community, arts and culture have the potential to teach and inspire, to uplift and heal, to empower and transform. CultureWorks’ goal is to ensure a thriving arts and culture community is experienced way beyond a…

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Jacob’s Chance Buddy Ball

What is it this time? Did she fall in the cafeteria? Did somebody make fun of her on the bus? Maybe she couldn’t do the PE activity? Or perhaps she had a seizure at school? It was hard for Alison…

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Read to Them

The air is thick with excitement. All 680 students from pre-K through fifth grade know the adventure is beginning. This assembly at Richmond’s Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School starts everyone in the school and their families on a path filled with…

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Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation

After years of difficulty trying to start a family, Karl and Stefanie Smith were overjoyed to hear that Stefanie was pregnant with twins. From the beginning, Stefanie’s pregnancy was followed carefully, with many visits to the perinatologist for ultrasounds and…

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Homeward’s Important Mission

Twice a year, Homeward leads the community in a regional point-in-time (PIT) count. This is a 1-day census of people experiencing homelessness in the Richmond region. The activities for the 2019 winter PIT count are on the evening of Wednesday,…

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Enrichmond Foundation

When most Virginia citizens think of Richmond, they associate the capital city with the bright lights of downtown, amazing restaurants, vibrant arts, rich history, and an abundance of energy fueled by a diverse culture. Richmond’s parks, community gardens, and shared…

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Art on Wheels

Picture this: You have finally, after months of worry and stress and hurt feelings, moved your aging mother into an assisted living facility. It has been a long road, but it’s really the best thing for her health and well-being.…

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The Virginia War Memorial

Veteran, husband, father, grandfather, and former president of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Hugh Keogh graduated from UVA on an ROTC scholarship. Following a 7-year tour with the Navy, he earned his master’s degree in mass communications from VCU on…

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Let’s All Keep Virginia Beautiful!

What do you picture when you think of litter? Crumpled cups, plastic shopping bags, a candy bar wrapper maybe? While many people don’t consider cigarette butts a big deal or a significant part of litter, according to Mike Baum, executive…

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