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Committed to Kids: The UMFS Mission

When 5-year-old twins, Trevor and Lucy, along with their older brother Jordan, lay down at night, there are smiles on their faces and a shared feeling of comfort that they haven’t had in a long time. Life hasn’t been easy…

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The Important Work of GRASP

Your child, who just yesterday seemed to be learning to read, going on playdates, and talking about what he wanted to be when he grows up, is suddenly a senior in high school. Peers are making plans. There is talk…

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The READ Center

Enrolled in special education classes throughout his formative years of schooling, as an adult, Richard made his way to The READ Center to improve his literacy skills. A major challenge for the young man, according to teacher Kay McCall, was…

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St. John’s Church Foundation

A year before Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, he attended the Second Virginia Convention at St. John’s Church in Richmond. Alongside George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, and other important figures in the American Revolution, Jefferson listened…

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Alzheimer’s Association

Barbara Cole is a wife and mother, a career woman with a master’s degree in business, an overachiever, and a self-proclaimed optimist. “Some have called me a force of nature,” Cole explains. “I’ve never met an obstacle I could not…

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William Byrd Community House

Shayna Smith and her two sons, Trevor and Marcus, were very excited to move into their new apartment. The move meant that, for the first time in their lives, the boys would have a safe place to live and play.…

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Miracles in Motion Dance Troupe

In 1994, when Kim Moncrief graduated from VCU with degrees in dance and psychology, she had no idea what would come of her passion for dance. She traveled and danced competitively with a company and taught many students locally, but…

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Tricycle Gardens

Studies have shown that for its size, Richmond City has more food deserts – areas without consistent access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food – than any other American city. Sally Schwitters, executive director of Tricycle Gardens, says that statistic…

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