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Boost Your Protein

I truly love talking about food. Which foods I like and don't like, why we need different foods to stay healthy, comparing notes with my friends on which new foods we have tried. The list is endless. I mean, we…

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Move It!

Sometimes I think having a cavity filled might be more appealing than dragging myself out of bed at six-thirty in the morning to work out. Working full-time and taking care of two extremely energetic young boys can really zap your…

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4 Things Stay-at-Home Dads Should Hear

I’m part of a growing demographic: the stay-at-home dad. That’s right. I’m male, educated, and my job description includes grocery shopping, potty training, diaper changing, and meal making. Technically, I’ve got that label other males of the species aren’t exactly…

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A Tradition for Each Month

Family traditions, whether predictable or peculiar, have the power to make memories. Kids set their watches (or their calendars) by them and wear them like badges of pride. Try neglecting a family tradition. Protests will ensue: “Where’s the birthday cake…

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8 Ways to Keep it Healthy

Sugar is a double-edged sword of childhood. It brings so much pleasure to our little ones. Their sweet, angelic faces light up at the prospect of an ice cream cone or cupcake, and then the devil inside them emerges as…

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Thinking About Dog Ownership

Thinking about adding a four-legged canine family member to your household? Whether you are a family of one or six, having a furry addition just seems to make a house a home. The new dog could join Dad on his…

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8 Ways to Get Kids Reading

When I was a girl, I read until my eyes hurt. I was an undisputed bookworm, skipping playground activities to read my way through recess. I’m still that girl. I lose track of time; the laundry sits; dinner is late;…

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7 Precious Moments

My older daughter was toiling over an English assignment last year. It was an essay titled “Precious Moments.” Why, I wonder, is she having trouble coming up with a few hundred words on precious moments? Haven’t we, as parents, provided…

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