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How to Garden as a Family

Our family’s unexpected love of gardening began last spring when a friend gave me a large pot of flowers. When I brought it home, my 3½-year-old son was enthusiastic, careful, and nurturing. He wanted to know who planted them, how…

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The Coach Kids Need

  Shortly after leaving coaching football at the college level 15 years ago, I took an active role in coaching my two daughters’ sports teams. I started out filling in for their regular coaches from time to time. That quickly…

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10 Anti-Bullying Strategies

Suddenly, your son doesn’t want to walk home from school, begging you to pick him up instead. Sweaters and jackets are now forgotten in the classroom by your once ultra-responsible daughter. Nightmares plague your son. Stomachaches bother your daughter. Maybe…

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Sick-Day Solutions

Fortunately, it hasn’t been anything serious. Illness in our house has been limited to the standard stuff: viruses, strep throat, croup, strep throat, pinkeye, hand foot and mouth disease – and did I mention strep throat? My boys come home…

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A Happy Birthday Party

As the mother of two adorable boys, I have had the pleasure of planning, putting on, and attending a number of birthday parties. Many of my friends cringe when faced with planning a party for their child. In fact, most…

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Get Your Teen Talking!

When it comes to communicating with your teen, there are ways to make him or her talk. While I do not profess to being an expert, I have parented four teens – three at the same time! So, I speak…

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Surviving Sleep Deprivation

I think every parent preparing for the arrival of a new baby knows that a certain amount of sleep deprivation is imminent. It’s just part of the deal. When I was pregnant, I had a vague notion that once the…

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7 Tricks for Families

No holiday captures the imagination of a child quite like Halloween. Candy! Costumes! Roaming the streets in the dark! It’s no wonder Halloween is considered the most frightening holiday of the year. Frankly, before becoming a parent, I would not…

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