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Beyond the Book!

Passing on this love of fiction has been a highlight of motherhood. From lap-sitters listening to No More Jumping on the Bed to car passengers clutching the latest Magic Treehouse installment, stories have shaped my children. Their lives bear the…

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Raising Global Citizens

Not too long ago, my 6-year-old daughter and I were at an event in town when we overheard another family speaking in Arabic. My daughter turned to me and said, “Mom, they speak Spanish, like you!” When I told her…

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8 Life Lessons from the Pool

All of us want to be effective parents, and all of us want to engage our children in activities that support our goals and intentions in raising them. With fifty years of teaching people to swim, I have found the…

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Setting Family Goals!

Our families are pulled in so many directions – jobs, school, activities, and day-to-day responsibilities. In the middle of it all, we want to build meaningful relationships with our children and spend quality time together. Setting family goals can help…

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Does Your Family Need a Retreat?

I bet you’ve participated in or know someone who has attended a retreat for church or a motivational conference for work. You may have even had the privilege of traveling to The Homestead, The Greenbriar, or if you’re really fortunate,…

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Is Foster Parenting for You?

When I was single and a 20-something-year-old pediatric nurse, a child in my care needed a foster home. I loved him, and for about fifteen minutes, I considered it, before realizing I was nowhere near ready for that commitment and…

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Hanukkah Blessings Abound!

The day before winter break started last year, I left work early and headed to our elementary school. As I approached my son’s kindergarten classroom, I could hear and feel the children’s joyous energy before I reached the door. When…

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How to Dad!

About three years ago, I started helping with a class for expectant dads. Taught by veteran dads, the format allows men to ask all the questions they have on their minds in a comfortable setting. In preparing for the parenting…

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Partners in Life and in Business

by Tarah and Damon Harris Going into business with anyone is risky. But when that business partner is your spouse, there is a whole new level of risk. No matter the business, happiness in your home life must be a…

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