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When a Child Dies by Suicide

Our state ranks forty-seventh for treatment of childhood major depression – the leading risk factor for suicide. That means seven out of ten Virginia kids most at risk for suicide don’t get the help they need. My family lived that…

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Make-and-Take Kindness

Community. Neighbor. Kindness. In times of joy, pain, loss, and need, bringing a meal to others is an everyday act that can bring these words to life. I would be lying if I said one of my favorite memories about…

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Who’s Up for a Digital Detox?

Writing this sentence took all day. Instead of clacking away with singular purpose, I interrupted myself incessantly to also send nineteen emails, post to Facebook, and update my Twitter, LinkedIn, and two Instagram accounts. The one goal was to finish…

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Managing Multiples! Year One Tips

What a difference a year makes! Last May, I was still recovering from the delivery that brought my twin boys into the world. I was also working full-time, pumping around the clock, and scrambling daily to get to the NICU…

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Homework vs. Activities?

The minute the kids step off the bus, do you usher them into your minivan at light-year speed? Is that same van stocked with more pretzels and Gatorade than a 7-Eleven? After soccer practice, you jet over to cello lessons.…

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Is It Time for Music Lessons?

After dinner, it’s music time in my house. Sometimes we move the furniture and dance crazily, sometimes the hand drums get played, sometimes we sing together, and sometimes we play the piano. And sometimes, let’s be real, we forget. As…

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8 Parenting Tips – Busted!

I used to be a parenting expert. Then I had children. Back when I knew everything, I swore that my children would never touch anything containing Yellow No. 5 or high-fructose corn syrup. They would never slurp their fruit directly…

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Totally Grand Gifts!

What are the two easiest gifts in the world to give grandparents? A super-sweet and lovely-to-look-at edible, or a book. Take it from a grandmother: This time, don’t go there! Gifts that please grands the most and last the longest…

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The Kitchen is Where It’s At!

Our 13-year-old son has a career plan: Zack’s going to open a pie restaurant, where both the main dish of pizzas and the desserts that follow will arrive on diners’ tables in that classic round shape. While he’s not getting…

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