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Do the Library Like a Pro!

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your children understand the importance of lifelong learning? I started by showing my daughters, ages four and two, where it can take place – at the library. Not only is the library a…

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Food Allergy Family Update!

When I was growing up, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich nearly every day in my school lunch. Now I teach in a nut-free classroom and meticulously read ingredient labels in the grocery store before putting anything into…

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What is Mindfulness?

Four years ago, my spiritual journey began when I made the decision to stop drinking and start meditating. Examining what I call my inner landscape led to a compassionate understanding of my authentic self. This soulful encounter transformed my relationship…

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7 Perks of Performing Arts

When my kids took their first theatre camps several summers ago, I had no idea what was about to unfold. The camps sounded fun and engaging enough, but beyond that, I was just connecting my kids with their interests. Before…

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“Whoa! Are They All Yours?”

Parenting is not a competition. No one gets a trophy for the most kids. Everyone has a number in mind for their family, and sometimes that number grows larger than even the mom and dad imagined. Twenty years ago, I…

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This Christmas, Chill with the Family!

Each year, as the holidays approach, I am overwhelmed with the countless articles, infinite ideas, and gazillion social media posts about ways to simplify, cookies to bake, crafts to make for your kids’ teachers, 101 events to hit in town,…

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Thanksgiving’s Attitude of Gratitude

We have empty seats at our Thanksgiving spread. This year, someone else will slice open the boiled eggs and mix the yolks with paprika and relish before presenting them as deviled eggs, the way my grandmother did every Turkey Day…

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When a Child Dies by Suicide

Our state ranks forty-seventh for treatment of childhood major depression – the leading risk factor for suicide. That means seven out of ten Virginia kids most at risk for suicide don’t get the help they need. My family lived that…

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Make-and-Take Kindness

Community. Neighbor. Kindness. In times of joy, pain, loss, and need, bringing a meal to others is an everyday act that can bring these words to life. I would be lying if I said one of my favorite memories about…

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